HELP! BP telephone interview/Technical interview, any advices?


Hi everyone,

I have BP telephone interview coming up in a week for BP for accounting programme. Anyone had any experience of this and is kind enough to share their experience? please share, please~~~~~~

Thank you very much.


Is there anyone applying the same programme as mine this year?? no one??


Hi Viviankitty26,

I too am applying and have a telephone interview coming up. It is on 23rd in the morning. I will let you know what questions come up.



Hi wingy,

great!! good luck to you! :wink:


Hi @Wingy and @Viviankitty26,

Could you pls give more details about the phone interview questions?
I m having my phone interview tomorrow and I just came across this thread!
Thanks in advance!


Is there anyone going to Accounting technical interview this week at Sunbury? anyone?


hi every one
i will have my phone interview with British Petroleum on 11th january.
is there anyone who have done the phone interview?
can you give me any advises about it? and i’m applying for the Geoscience 2013 challenge program.


Hi, Good luck to you all. Does anyone one know whta the tests are? SHL? Keneca? also did you only do verbal and numerical or was there inductive reasoning as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Could anybody share there interview questions or style? I have an upcoming telephone for the commercial grad scheme.
Thanks, very much appreciated.