HELP! BofAML or Nomura?


Hi everyone! Hope you guys can help me out here…

Got a summer internship offer from Nomura for Global Mkts last week and am due to attend final AC for same division with BofAML tomorrow.
Only thing is - I’ve got mountains of coursework to get out by Friday afternoon!!
Now, my problem is this: having done some research on BofAML, I have to admit that they dont seem like a very attractive prospect, mostly due to their shoddy merger with ML which doesnt seem to be working out so far. They may also be heavily affected by Obama’s regulatory proposals about restricting bank sizes etc. To be honest, I’m very wary of joining a company that may not necessarily be able to offer me a full-time position at the end of the summer and all logic appears to be pointing towards accepting the Nomura offer (they’re HUGE in Asia and it appears that the balance of the global economy is slowly but surely shifting to Asia) and ditching BofAML altogether.

Does anyone think this is a sensible thing to do, considering my situation? Really need your help as I’m very unsure what to do!

Thanks so much guys!!!


I would say attend the ML-BofA AC. It would be great for your personal development regardless of the outcome. One more thing; for Global Markets ML was one of the best and those people who made ML the best are still with the newly integrated bank. You will get to learn from them. If you work really well and make a good impression; you will be offered a FT role. One of my friend interned with them last Summer and upon completion of his internship straight way started with the graduate role. He went to Durham University.

Good luck with your decision making and handing in your assignments.


Cheers, Aj!