HELP!!! BAT telephone interview


I am having a telephone interview from BAT (british american tobacco) the day after tommorrow…it is a finance graduate programme…anyone who has done the interview? could you give me some advice about it? what sort of questions will be asked?
millions of thanks



the questions for finance are very general: what difficulties BAT faces during the crisis, what would you consider when entering new market in tobacco industry, how can the crisis impact the BAT - no technical questions. I did that part well, but I was not really prepared for behavioural questions and I was rejected.

Does anyone now how much does the BAT pay for the graduate programme in finance in UK ?


Hey Guys,
I have a phone interview for Leaf operations and I was wondering what kind of questions will they ask for the operations department.
More I would like to know if there is any special attributes they would be looking for.


Does anyone now how much does the BAT pay for the graduate programme in Operations in UK ?

Also, does anyone know anything about BAT AC?


Any update from anyone? anyone got invited for any AC or had any contact from BAT or the recruitment company? or if you’ve been to any AC, which one was that? and please do provide any further details etc if you do not mind.


hello guys

I 'm from Azerbaijan. I applied for BAT MT program. i passed psychometric testing. now i have to take phone interview. The problem is a got a-mail. they wrote “Please confirm.
We will contact you by the phone, please specify the number we should dial.”
But they didn’t tell me how to confirm. Do you have any idea about this…
please help me.


I have a AC in may, can you help in letting me know what is involved? What kind of tasks? and what i need to do to prepare.