Help! Barclays Wealth telephone interview


Just got an emaile said I was invited to the first stage telephone interview.

Has anyone done this before??
PLZ share the kind of question would be asked.

Many thanks


I have done mine this week. Standard questions, why PWM? Why Barcalys etc… Nothing unexpected


Are you applying for a summer or a graduate ?

I am surprised because I thought Barclays Wealth gave no answer before November 25.
I applied for a graduate in Geneva and got no news so far, a bad sign ?


they have started for London already, not sure about Geneva …


hey irussia1990 and YifangLuo,

If possible can please provide details/list of the questions they asked you guys and how long the interview lasted. Also did they ask any technical questions, or was it fully competancy based. Anyway goodluck and hope the 2 of your applications get forwrded to the AC.


From what I can remember:

Why at Barclays
Why this grad scheme
Why London
Who are B competitors
How does B differ

A recent piece of news

Tell me about a time you were a leader
Tell me about a time you were working in a group

That’s about it I think… Lasted about 30 min


Did anyone hear back after the interview?


Is this for London 2013 grad scheme? I completed my tests at the start of September and I am confident I did well on them but guessing I am not going to get invited to a telephone interview…


I am in the same situation than you (but for Geneva) but I’m not too worried yet, on the last email they sent they said “no answer before November 28”. Guess you got the same email ?


I am same situation to you saborio, took tests early September, still waiting on response for London PWM.


It has been a week after my interview and still no news…
They said they are conducting some interviews over the coming 3 weeks so you may still hear soon don’t worry too much!


Finished my interview for HK office yesterday…she said will give results in 7 days…


For London they said 2 weeks … Argh such a long wait!!


Hi I have got my telephone interview coming up for the PWM analyst grad scheme in London. Does anyone have any good pointers that I should include in my answers? What sort of questions are asked? Will there be questions about its competitors/the market etc?Thanks a lot!


anyone after phone interview with barclay wealth got any reply already?