Heineken International Graduate Scheme



Got a phone call from the HR in my region (UK) yesterday to arrange my tele in. It will be on the coming Monday and the interviewer will be a business manager instead of HR, it will last around 30 mins. And I even got the date when the interview result will come out, in my case, it will be on 5th Apr. That’s all the information I have now. Hope it can help. Anyone in the same situation?


Hi cyzh,yeah your comment really helped and I wish you success in your interview


Hi cyzh,yeah your comment really helped and I wish you success in your interview. As for me, I’m still waiting for the call


Chisandy, I am still waiting for the call.Where are you from and which function have you applied?


Hi guys, as for me I got an email last Thu telling me that my interview would be on next Monday. I’ll definitely post my experience with the interview once I’ve completed the process. Wish you guys all the best!


Hi guys, i’m in the same situation. The only info I have is that the interview will be in English and it will last around 30 mins. Let us know about the type of questions! Good luck everyone!


How was your interviews? I havent heard anything from them yet!


I had a phone interview today. It was not technical. Know about the strategies and products of Heineken. Also Know why you want to be part of IGP. You will be fine.


Hi guys!! As I’ve promised, I’m now gonna tell you about my experience with the telephone interview. As Darah already pointed out, it wasn’t a technical interview. In my case, it was a 20-minute interview that assessed my general knowledge and motivations. Make sure you know what you’re doing and why you’re applying to the program. Have a nice day and good luck! :slight_smile:


thnks for the replies, i will be having my own interview on the 22nd of this month, I applied for IT. any info on this?


I applied for IT as well and there was no technical questions. Just know about Heineken and igp.


Hey, I will have my interview tomorrow. How long it took yours? Mine will be 1hour interview, is it the same for you?


@darah, thnks


I have the 45-minute interview on 25 March. It will be in English (though I am in France). I applied for the supply chain prog.


I just had my telephone interview for the International Graduate Programme, for the Finance role, make sure to make a good research about the company, I had a question about the latest Heineken’s major acquisition and about the company’s operations, which are the products of the company etc. I also had some motivation questions and some competencies, good luck


I had my interview yesterday and the questions were: why did you apply to igp? which function and why? why should we pick u to work with us? what other brands do you know? if you have to move to another country what would you do? what are the main dificulties?
Do you know when we will know if we have passed this stage?


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I have applied for the commerce function and I have posted my experience. Any question you need just ask me.


Know about heineken, recent acquisition, brands, etc. What is the motivation for applying to igp? What do u know about igp, what are ur skill, why did u apply for the. Funtion u applied for… what will ur action be if you are asked to relocate to another country. E.t.c


no, they didnt ask anything about marketing campaigns and marketing strategies. about heineken itself they talk about brands and products of heineken and also acquisitions of heienken too, but dont worry. the interview is not so hard as you are thinkig. just look at heineken’s website and it will be fine