Heineken International Graduate Scheme



Hi guys,

I’m also attending the AC on the 25&26. I’m impressed by the comments on this forum. I find them really handy. Special thanks to Emperor007 and Fransisco.

Really looking forward to meeting you guys.



Hey GlasgowRev!! Really nice to see that someone from Scotland will join as well…From which part r u frm???


Hi Alex123!

Actually I am greek! I was in Glasgow for my master’s degree. :slight_smile:

Are you attending the first AC, aren’t you? 2 days left…

Good luck to everyone of you guys!




Ela re patrida!!! K egw ellinida eimai, alla menw sto Edinbourgo…egw eimai sto prwto group dustixws… na sou pw pate to link pio panw, exoume group sto fb me olous tous allous, etsi de xreiazetai na mpainobgainoume edw…

Kali sou epituxia Mina!!!


Hi everybody,

first of all thanks to the former candidates for your input and for sharing your experiences.

I´ll be attending the AC the 25th&26th and am looking forward to meeting you guys. Seen that we got this far, we surely do have a lot in common.

Great idea with the FB group aswell.

See all of you in a bit - and hopefully already before the welcome dinner.




I have also applied for this year progamme, but i have not received yet the online assesment (which, if succesful CV, you are supposed to receive starting with 28th of January). Does someone else receive it already?


Hello Mirca and Igp,
I have applied to this programme too and I have received the link for the online test last week.I have done it last friday but I did not receive any confirmation.
Do you know when we will know if you went to next stage?

Thank you, Adriana


hello! i’ve just applied now, how long did you guys had to wait to receive the link? :slight_smile: do you know if there is a brand new conversation about this year somewhere or is this the only one?


Maybe in few weeks you will receive an email to complete the second stage (online assignment).I dont know if there is another conversation, we have just stared this one to give feedback to each other about the recruitment process*


hey there! I’m applying for the programme right now! I’m writing the cover letter! I’m not familiar with this kind of selection, I’m currently studying in UK and I’ll finish my Msc Marketing in August and I’ve never applied for a professional job… and these long processes (online test, psychometric est and AC) are not so common in my country… I was wondering in what the online test consists… can you give me some insights?


Hello everyone. I received the invitation for the 2nd stage and completed the online ability test on 1st of Feb, however I didn’t hear anything from Heineken yet. Any of you have receive any confirmation from them? Have anyone receive information for the call interview? Thanks a lot for the help. And good luck everyone


Hey. It takes around 5 days to them reply to you with the invitation for the next stage, however, it can varied.


ok thanks! do they let you know if you’re unsuccessful or they just don’t get back to you?


I’ve read somewhere that they give you always the feedback, either negative or positive!


Hey everyone! I just applied for the programme. I’m really excited but nervous also. I don’t have much experience and I don’t know what king of people they’re looking for. This seems awesome, hopefully I’ll be selected. Good luck to everyone and stay in touch! (at least until I hear from them) Cheers!


hey! I did the logical ability test a couple of weeks ago but haven’t heard anything back…is this normal? Or maybe I’ll have to wait some weeks after the deadline?


Thank you Hello123! (I’m Barbara :)) I only did the logical reasoning test (the series of symbols,etc.) so let’s keep in touch when we hear smth!


hello guys, finally somewhere to share some ideas … best of luck for this year IGP i applied last week and waiting for the test link what was it about logical , numeric reasoning or what to expect i’m applying for supply chain … do you all guys have masters degrees

thank you and good luck again for all of us


Hi guys, how well did u do at the online ability test? I think i have mistaken a few (about 6 to 8) questions out of 24. Let’s hope for the best!


Hi guys, how well did u do at the online ability test? I think i have mistaken a few (about 6 to 8) questions out of 24. Let’s hope for the best!