Heineken International Graduate Scheme



Ned, Alex,

Have you received any further infos about the accomodation or the AC program in general? I’m still waiting…
In any case I will join you when I get in the city (I will be in Schiphol at 12.50).

We can share our contacts somehow before leaving our country!


Hey Roberto!!! Still waiting…they sent me only travel info…I have no problem giving u my number, skype or fb profile if u like…


Hey! I haven’t received anything as well! I guess that this week we will receive the information pack. I can give you my number (although it may not work in Amsterdam) / Facebook profile / e-mail… Whatever u want! :slight_smile: Maybe we could create a Facebook group for us, it will be easier to arrange everything!


Hey Cortada, I was thinking the same thing…it is much more easier to communicate on fb…if u want u can send me ur email an add u and we can start the group…alternatively If u want I can send u mine…:smiley:


Cool! I have send you a message :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

So here we have the facebook group for the Heineken IGP:


It will be easier to get to know each other and try to plan our meeting! :slight_smile:


Oh, excellent idea :slight_smile: I’ve just send the request. so see u guys on facebook!



I’ll join the group immediately, wish to find everyone in there before leaving.

Hopefully someone else will accidentally get into this forum like me :slight_smile:


Nice idea! First of all, congrats to the new joiners: Adelaide and James :wink: @Adelaide: I’m also attending the second round of the AC and happy to wander around Amsterdam in company :wink: On my way to Facebook!


Hello everyone! I’m André and I’ll also be attending the AC in Amsterdam. I have lurked around this forum during my preparation for the face-to-face interview but now it was so active that I decided to participate in the conversation. I saw you guys created a FB page. Great idea!! It’s nice to meet before the AC. Makes us feel more comfortable during it. I am on the AC of the 18th and 19th of June but since I’m now living in The Netherlands I can also meet anyone that comes earlier for the second AC. Looking forward to meet you guys!



Hey Guys any idea about the attire ??? do we have to wear suit on both the days or formals ?? how it has been in past years?

Francisco if you would like to comment :slight_smile: Thanks … Open to others as well …


I think it should still be business attire. In the evenings though, you may just go business casual.


Hey Guys,

I am also attending the AC. Don’t know still if it is going to be the first or the second week. I am pretty excited to participate in this event, specially since it is the first time guys from Mexico have this chance. I’ve requested access to the Facebook page as well. Good luck to all of you!


Alright, I think I can spare some minutes. Forum’s like this assisted me a great deal, so its only right I give back. Been seeing you guys chatting and felt the urge to tell you what you may be up with.

When you come into Amsterdam, you’ll be picked at the airport by an executive chauffeur, you and others as well. You’ll be driven straight to your hotel and later you’ll need to come down for a dinner with some HR staffs and some IGP’s of previous sets. I might even get to meet some of you! At the dinner, have it in mind that the assessment has begun (although you’ll be encouraged that it hasn’t started). Conduct yourself well, interact well with other candidates, IGP’s and staffs and enjoy the night. The IGP is a pool of international candidates so expect to see different nationalities.
Day 2. This is the huge day really. You’ll start off with a session with the HR+ other senior staffs which is like a 30 mins brief or so. Then you’ll be split into groups of 6 (based on last year’s experience) and your day would be as thus; group project, role play, project writing. And a question and answer session. Lunch in between. By the end of the day you will be knackered believe me. It will be intense, edgy, thinking out of the box through out. Ensure you follow the standard interview habits and above all be yourself. If you try faking yourself because you want to create an impression, it can’t last for the 3 days. The assessors are experienced and would see through that. Easily. Your day would end with a dinner at the Heineken Ice Cold bar with the assessors. Of course you are being assessed.

Day 3. A presentation in the morning with your individual groups. You’ll be given time for project closure and the presentation. Should be nice and easy. A final collective presentation and then lunch. With a visit to the famous heineken experience centre.
Short advise- Be yourself. Dont try to fake anything, as with all ‘fakes’, the fake you can not last. Like I mentioned assessors are quite experienced and would look out for the candidates that fit the needed competencies. Try as much as possible to be at easy and enjoy yourself! All the best!


Fantastic summary, Emperor007!!! Thanks a lot! See you in a couple of days :slight_smile:


Thanks Emperor007…!!! I m gonna have in mind eveyrhing u suggested…I was also thinkinkg the same things…C u in Amsterdam:) !



do you know approximately how many candidates will be in the assessment center?


Hi guys! I just came across this forum while trying to gather some insights about the Heineken AC. I’m superpsyched to have found a group to share opinions with, hope my FB request gets accepted also:D. I’m flying in on the 17th as well, can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible! Oh and a quick thanks to the current IGs who were so kind to share their experience and advice! :slight_smile:


Hello everhbody! :slight_smile:

I have been waiting for the AC in Amsterdam for Heineken, and - looking for info about it - I hit on your discussions :). Let me say that WikiJob is really cool, and I found all what I have read so far absoultely interesting. That’s why I decided to actively take part into the discussion! :slight_smile: I am going to take part to the assessment centre on the 25th-26th, I applied for Finance. I saw you guys created a FB group to discuss any issue about the AC. I just sent out my request for joining it! :slight_smile: Hopefully my application will be accepted!

It would be cool to know who is going to partecipate to the second AC. I saw that ppl joining for the 18th one have already set to meet at the airport and spend the first afternoon together. It would be cool to do the same for the second assessment round! Soooo…Let me know who is joining for the second AC, and - plz - accept me in the group! :smiley:

Take care and cheers! :wink:




Firstly congratulations to everyone for your success!

I will attend the AC at 25-26th of June (I have applied for finance as well). I will arrive at Amsterdam’s airport around 13:00. I will be happy to meet the rest of you guys before the dinner!

Cu soon!