Heineken International Graduate Scheme



Hey 1987Pablo…if we r all lucky enough and finally be offered a position, there is a chance to meet each other at our placements…u never know…:slight_smile:


Hello mh86!!!


Hey raxana.isaiu…for what function have u applied??? I was only told that I am going to have an interview in order to meet me better, thats all…


Hello everyone, as this is something I would have liked to have one year ago, I had already planned that this year before the AC I would try to find some of these forums to answer questions you might have.
I’m an IG from last year, in Supply Chain, currently in the middle of my 2nd assignment in Nigeria.
I’m for sure not going to tell you exactly which questions are there in the AC, but can always let you know about the environment, structure, etc.
Feel free to post any questions and I will answer appropriately (just like football managers in the press conferences :p)
I’m sure you will enjoy the 2-day AC and will consider it an excellent experience, regardless of the outcome.
Good luck to all!



Hi Francisco, it’s very nice of you to volunteer to answer some of our questions and of course, i think we all understand that you cannot really tell us what we are going to be asked :). However, I’m applying for Finance and what I wanted to ask you is whether during the AC I will be assessed only against other candidates for Finance or against candidates for other tracks as well. For example, I assume we are going to have some workshops, cases, etc. Will the teams be mixed or according the track you applied for? Also, it might be different from one track to another, but how quantitative is the whole thing going to be? Is there anything you suggest we should really prepare before the AC? I know it’s more than one question but I think it would help us all to know these things. Thanks!


Hello Francisco!!! Its very kind of u to offer ur help and experience…Well one question that I have is how many condidates are at the AC ?? (i mean for a specific function like SC or HR, and not in total of cource…:P), I know that we will receive information about the AC and the different actvities, so I m not gonna ask u about that, but in general, which attitude should we have?? for example one of my friends that went to another AC in UK for a British company, they suggested to have a rather formal and aggressive behaviour…(???)…Anyway, anything that u would like to share would be rather helpfull…roxana, I think that the actusl assessment activities will take place amongst the candidates of the same finction, as it is easier this way to measure performance, and maybe they have one extra mixed…Francisco thank u fr ur wishes…:smiley:


Hello Roxana and Alex. In fact the activities will take place amongst candidates from different functions. I don’t know about specific number of candidates but normally these depend on the number of people they are looking for the different functions as well. You should have 1,5 days of different activities and the afternoon of the 2nd day to go to Heineken Experience! However, as written in a post from last year, there is time to get to know each other and decompress between activities. One of the reasons why I believe and enjoyed this AC more is exactly because of the environment and attitude they expect from you. One of our core values is: Enjoyment. So I even advise against an aggressive behaviour. That’s why they also invite people to arrive the day before and have a welcome dinner. I didn’t need any special preparation and think that you can and should see it almost as if you were in a workshop being all already part of HEINEKEN. Wanting the best for each other and watch over the group success, without constraining your opinions and attitudes. For at last, considering you believe in yourself, you want them to know exactly how you are. So, save your time thinking about hiding your defects and ENJOY your time, so that afterwards, more than looking back to your performance, you can feel a sense of belonging to a group, to a program, to HEINEKEN.
Hope this helps, and sorry for not suggesting any preparation for the AC but I really don’t think that in terms of activities there are special requirements compared to other AC. Meanwhile, if I remember something I will let you know. Cheers!


Thanks Francisco!!!..U helped a lot…I was thinking just the same things that u described…I also strongly believe that being urself is the best way to show ur true capabilities and way of thinking…I didn;t know that the activities where grouped with the other functions, but I m sure this will be a rather interesting experience…Cheers mate!!! xx


Hey Guys came across this forum…Congratulations to all of you who have made it to this stage… I will also be there in Amsterdam on 17th June… Still waiting for the flight details… see you all soon!!! and Lets plan something for 17th, …


Thank you so much for your help FMV86, it sounds like a great experience :smiley: And the fact of you showing up in this forum one year later, attempting to share your experience with forthcoming participants…That’s so kind of you :slight_smile: @mayank21 Congratulations! Best of luck and joy at the AC!


Francisco you have been very nice, I’m sure that the AC will be a great experience. Thank you for advices and wishes!

Guys, I’ve just received my flight details: I will arrive to Schiphol at 12.50, so the 17th I will have all the afternoon and the evening for meet all of you…
They told me that I will receive further details in the next days (probably next week) about accomodation, transfer etc…but I think that nothing will be organized by them for 17th afternoon 'cause everyone will for sure have different timings.

See you soon! I will continue to check this forum to be updated about your news!


Thanks a lot Francisco! I guess you know what exactly we feel at the moment. It was fantastic that you shared your experience with us :slight_smile:

I’ve received my flight details as well, will arrive at Schiphol at 11 30. I’m still waiting for more information about the AC and accommodation. It seems that we’ll have a free day on 17th, let’s try to make most of it.

See you very soon!


Hey Ned_89 I am arriving also at 11;30…R u catching the AliTalia flight from Rome too???


Thanks a lot Francisco! This is really helpful :slight_smile: We are going to follow your advice and enjoy it! :smiley: I will be in Amsterdam from the 15th, so if you plan anything, I will come as well! Good luck to everyone!


Hi Alex, I’m flying from Birmingham. Do u want to meet at the airport? Then we can try to find the hotel (orientation is not my strength though:D).


Ok Ned!!! We can meet at the airport…I searched online and there is great transportation from Schiphol, so we won;t have any problem…:D…


Hi Francisco, so kind of you to provide such an information.

It would be really great on your part if you could shed some light on the below point -

I have been selected and will be attending AC at Amsterdam in june 2012.

  1. Could please provide approx salary which an IGP candidate gets ? I have a family to support and would be helpful in planning

  2. Do you get the chance to choose for the location during your first 18 months ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi James,

I’m always glad to help.

  1. The salary depends on the country where your contract will be based on. If you have a Heineken Operating Company in your home country, that should be it. If not, then it depends on the closest or you attended the face-to-face interview.
    However, you are provided with accomodation and a COL (cost of living) depending on the country you’re going to, which should be of help.

  2. You don’t usually get to choose a location in any of your placements. However, there is always a chance to try to influence them by trying to know about possible opportunities in an OpCo and ‘sell’ yourself to the manage who requested to ask specifically for you. For the first placement that is not possible of course, but still, if it is like the previous years, the first assignment should be in Europe.

Hope this helps.

All the best for the AC.


Hey Guys!! I just knew today about this forum, what i wonderful idea!!
I am Adelaide and i am also going to the AC but on the 2nd week! Actually i was also on the 17th and 18th but they asked me to go on the week after and i accepted.
Which of you are going on the 24th? I chose the flight that arrives in the morning of 24th so i can go for a walk around Amsterdam in the afternoon. I would like to know if i will have some company :slight_smile:

And congrats to everyone!!! :smiley: