Heineken International Graduate Scheme



Hi alex!!! I have not received the pack but I know that they are going to book a hotel for us, because I told them that I could stay in a friend’s house and they replied that all the candidates will stay in the same hotel! Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Ok cortada thank you very much!!! Thats nice then!!! U helped a lot!!!


Hi everybody! I’m a little paranoic over here…hope you could help me to calm down :wink: Here’s the situation…Once I got the invitation I replied to the email with the information requested but, since then (16th of May)…no replies or whatsoever :S. I was expecting a confirmation email or something like that but the lack of news stresses me a bit…Is there anyone in the same situation? Hope everything is just fine! Cheers!


Don;t worry, u are in the second group, so maybe they will send reply later…I am at the first group, and I only received an e-mail for travel arrangements, so dont worry…


Ok! You just replied to the same email address they were using when inviting you to the AC, right? Many thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ll drop a comment very soon on what would likely happen, how you guys should behave etc at the assessment centre. I was at last year’s event and it was a successful and wonderful experience. I would share my experience soon. Congratulations to all who were invited. Just be aware that you made it this far, because the company believed in you. Its now for you to believe in yourself and prove you can earn the position.


Yes 1987Pablo, I just replied to their e-mail…hey blonde007, its very knind of you to share ur experience with us!!! I m looking forward to hearing from u soon!!! As you have already been there, you know how stressfull is for the applicants, so any help will be very much appreciated…!!!


Thank so much for your reply alex123 :wink: @blonde007: That would be so kind of you, it would definititely help us quite a lot! Cannot wait to learn from your experience, I bet it was worth it!


Hi everyone! Well done for reaching the AC in Amsterdam. I will also be attending the Assessment Centre on the 18-19 of June. Is anybody else arriving on the 17th? If so we can meet up and go for a Heineken:)


Hi Ned_89, I will already be in Amsterdam on the 17th and I also have the AC on the 18-19, so I’m in for that Heineken before the big day :). Who else wants to join?


Congrats Ned_89…I’m wondering if I will be the only one attending the second round of the AC :smiley:


Hey guys I will be there on 17th too, but I m still waiting to find out which flight they have booked me…, but probably near afternoon I will be in Amsterdam!!! cortada told me that we will be all staying at the same hotel too…:slight_smile:


Hello everyone! :slight_smile: I will be in Amsterdam on the 15th, because I have some friends and cousins there and I will go earlier! So if you want to do anything on the 17th, I’m in it! :slight_smile: Alex123, do you know in which hotel are we staying? I haven’t heard anything about that!


Hello everyone! Finally I found somebody over the internet speaking about the AC!
It’s the first time that I’m posting something over here and it’s quite hard to understand well who is going to take part to the 18-19 June AC.
Anyway congratulations to everyone! I’m extremely happy to face this 2 days!

They asked me for my flight preferences and I’m waiting for their conferm. No news about the accomodation but we will stay for sure in the same place… :slight_smile:

Alex, Roxana, Pablo, Cortada, Ned, let me know when you have booked! Can’t wait for the 17th!!


Hello Roberto87!!! I am at the same situation as you r…I told them my flight preferences and that was it, still waiting for some additional information…I believe that we will receive a full detailed information pack, but I don;t know when…anyway, since we will be all staying at the same place I m so looking forward to meet u all in person, after so long time and waiting together…:D…@ cortada, still no news regarding the hotel arrangements, probably we will receive info all at the same time in the near fututre (I hope)…So how did u arrange to go to Amsterdam earlier??? u r traveling with ur own expenses? because I could only choose the time of the flights and not the actual days…


Hi guys,
As I said, I am already in Amsterdam (I live here) but they told me I will have to stay in the same hotel as the rest of the participants, so that’s really great. However, I haven’t received any further information regarding the accommodation, but I guess we will be given our rooms on the 17th. It would be great to meet and get to know each other at least a little bit before the two AC days. I’ll let you know if I receive any other e-mails from them. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Alex, I’m travelling with my own expenses, because I wanted to go to Amsterdam earlier and return later, and I wanted to fly from London to Amsterdam and return from Amsterdam to Barcelona. It was a little bit complicated to arrange everything so I told them i would pay for my flights! Anyway, once we know the hotel and all the details, we can arrange sthing! :slight_smile: can’t wait to see everyone!


Hi guys! That’s fantastic! I have never been in Amsterdam but I’m sure that it’s a great city and we’ll have a good time before/during the AC (Roxana can do a sightseeing tour for us: D).

See you soon:)


Thank you roxana and cortada!!! If i have any news, I will let u know as well!!! AS soon we have the details necessary I will definately plan something…see you all soon!!! xx


I’m considering asking for a change on my dates…wanna meet y’all guys haha