Heineken International Graduate Scheme



Hi alex123, i applied for Finance, so there may be some differences in the recruitment methodology, though it shouldn’t be very different for the different tracks.
mh86, thank you for the tips, I actually thought it would be something more quantitative, but I guess they save this part for the AC.
Best of luck to everybody and I hope we will all meet in June for the AC! :slight_smile:


Good luck to you too, roxana.isaiu!!! and dont worry, you just have to be yourself…competency based questions refer tou you as an individual, and how your actions and thoughts influence your performance…!!! Hope to see u too in Amsterdam!! Hey post if u have ur results!!!



Did anyone have heard any news regarding the results of the interviews???



I had my face to face interview on April 24 and they said I will receive an answer at the end of May regarding the admission for the AC. Everything’s moving very slowly because they have a lot of candidates and they need time. So don’t worry, they will call eventually whether is a positive or a negative answer. When did you have your interview?


Hi everyone! I had the interview on the 30th of April for the Corporate Relations programme, and I didn’t know when we were going to receive an answer! So, they are going to call us on the end of may? Good luck to everyone! Hope to see you in Amsterdam!


Hey roxana.isaiu I had mine near the end of April…i think it was 26 of April…they told u by the end of Mai right??? because in my case didnt have any info…well I think that we will receive an e-mail for sure, but maybe only the succesful candidates will receive a call…but I m not sure,pffffff its very stressful!!!


alex123, I know, I’m very stressed as well, but there’s nothing else we could do now. They said the end of May so it’s probably going to be the same thing for you too. Good luck!


Yes, I know…we can just wait and hope!!! Good luck to you too!!! Hope that both of us will pass to the AC!!!


Hi Pablo! I am really happy for you! I have received an e-mail as well, saying that I have been successful and I am going to the AC in Amsterdam!! I am so happy! Good luck to everyone! And see you there Pablo!!! :slight_smile:


Hi to everyone! I came across this forum weeks ago, after going through the face-to-face interview for the IGP on the 23rd of April. Since then I’ve been visiting it from time to time trying to get some recent news…And I guess it’s me the one who’s gonna give some to all of you! Just received an e-mail from Heineken where they informed I’ve been successful and invited me to the assessment center in Amsterdam! Thought you’d like to know they have already started sending these emails…Good luck to all of you! Hope you make it!


Hi and congratulations!

Which function did you guys applied for? Because I havent heard anything yet, and I guess the different functions are taking different long time to go through the selection process.


I got an invitatio too!!! Heu guys at which date r u??? and for what function?? sse u there!!!


Hi everyone! I have the AC the 18th and 19th of June, for the Corporate Relations programme. What about you?


hey guys, I received the invite today as well :)). !!! see you all in June!. can’t wait. I have it on 18 and 19th of June for Finance


Hi there, congrats to all of you! I’m attending the second round of the AC, on the 25th and 26th of June. I applied for the Supply Chain function. Is there anyone else going to Amsterdam on the same dates?


Hi all! :slight_smile: I was supposed to go to the AC on the 18-19 of June, but they are asking me to go on the 25-26th of June. Did anyone receive the same petition?


Hi cortada, I am also scheduled for 18-19 but I didn’t receive anything else regarding the date change. Anyway, I don’t really think it’s very important, it’s probably just an administrative problem with the number of candidates and how they manage to fit us all in the schedule. I wouldn’t worry too much


Congratulations to all of you!
I still havent heard anything so I guess I didnt go through to the AC. Does anyone know if I will get a reply even if I failed to go through?
Good luck at the AC!


Hey roxana.isaiu I m so glad that u made it to the AC too!!! Wishing u good luck as well!!! Dont worry cortada, it doesnt matter that they changed the date, maybe a canditate from the other group had a serious problem and u switched shifts…it doesn mean anything…


Hello!!! Did anyone got his iformation pack??? Do u know if we have to book a hotel room by ourselves or they will arrange something???