Heineken International Graduate Scheme



sorry my fault …the above is to read: I did not get any e-mail


Hey guys, @IGP123 I got my email yesterday. I guess they will give feedback this week or next. I know how anxious you must feel, stay positive. :slight_smile:

@AJS just give it a couple more days, you never know. :slight_smile:


has any of you been invited to the AC for the supply chain area?


Hi guys, I have not received anything yet, but I think we can start considering this silence a rejection… :frowning: Let us know if u receive good/bad news!


Eleana which function did you apply to pls?


Thanks everyone. I applied for corporate relations


Congrats to those who have received notification from Heineken. Those that did their interview in Nigeria haven’t received feedback. We are waiting and keeping our fingers crossed and praying hard.


hiii Cmega123, I did my face-to-face interview on the 15th of April in Nigeria and I received feedback of an invitation to the assessment center on Monday 6th of May.


Which function did you apply to Esther and when is your date for the assessment centre please?


Hi Esther,
Which function did you apply to and when is your date for the assessment centre please? Congratulations to you all the same…


HR. 26th & 27th June . Thank you.


Maybe its a function by function thing then… Has anybody heard from I.T for those who had interviews on 16th April from Nigeria then?


Wow. that’s cool. Congrats. What function did you apply for? I applied for I.T. Are the replying candidates by function? I am getting scared.


I think that by now we should have already been contacted so in case that we haven’t chances are very low…


chances are really dropping by the day marcus.


It is interesting that you divulge such information to the persons that are ultimately your competitors…


has anyone tried to contact them? i sent them an email last week and havent still received and answer


I emailed the person which interviewed me monday and they said to email the IGP email directly as they run it


thats what i did and still nothing


weird. i emailed and got a reply w/in the hour. maybe try again?!