Heineken International Graduate Scheme



For those who have taken the face to face interview I hope its okay to ask the numer of interviewers on the panel and like how long did the interview last for


Yes, I’m talking about the face to face interview. How long has is taken others to hear back about the result of their face to face interview? Good luck everyone!


C3p0474, please which job function did u apply for and what are d questions asked? Is only about ur job functn only or they included about heineken too. Thnks


C3P0474,please were the questions asked during the telephone interview repeated?


Hi psanz how did your face to face interview go on wednesday. Please will you be able to give me any help as to the sort of questions to expect. Thank you very much


Has anyone done the face-to-face finance interview? Any tips?


Thanks for your question, @esther89! My face to face interview went pretty well to be honest. I was interviewed by an employee and an HR manager but they were really nice and made sure I felt comfortable the whole time. They started asking me about my recent experience (my tasks, my responsibilities, projects, etc.) and from there they went deeper and deeper in order to see specific examples of “best team behaviours”. They were also interested in more technical stuff: recruitment and selection techniques, motivation of employees, conflict solving…
Don’t feel stressed! If you know your CV by heart and have refreshed your knowledge about your field (HR, Finance or whatever you’re applying for), it should go smoothly. Basically they’re going to be discussing about your life, and you’re the greatest expert about it, right? :slight_smile:


Hi guys, did any of you get any feedback from the face-to-face interview? Please let us know if you do, I asked them but they were pretty vague about the times… Thanks and fingers crossed!


Just did my face to face interview for corporate relations. Very smooth and relaxed :slight_smile: Guess it will takes them ages to give the results, they are sooo slow at this, haha. Anyone knows anything about the assessment centre and what to expect?


yeah this whole waiting is def killing :S


Did my interview on the 16th. They said i would get feedback in May. Keeping my fingers crossed. Goodluck pals.


They told me that we could expect to start receiving invitations for the AC by the 1st of May


Yes!! Just got notified that I passed the face to face interview =) However, the sentence saying that the A/C “brings together the best applicants globally to compete for the limited places in the 2013 HEINEKEN International Graduate Programme” kinda freaks me out a bit - does anyone have any idea of how many candidates are going to attend and how many places are available for the programme? I sense this is going to be harder than I expected :confused:


Btw I created a facebook group as well to make communication a bit easier among us. It’s open access, so join!


Congrats, Elena!AlL the best for the coming AS. Did they mention which one of the assessment centers you are attending?


Congrats Elena. Really cool…


Hi guys, I just came across this forum and I’m so excited I found it. I applied for the IGP Finance programme and just got my email that I have been invited for the AC on the 26th -27th of June. Looking forward to meeting you all. :slight_smile:


Hi Ronnie, when did you get your email? Did anyone get a rejection email yet? I applied for finance and still haven’t heard from them :frowning:


I did get an invitation, which by now clearly means REJECTED :S so so sad :S


What? Did you get or did you not get an invitation?!!