Heineken International Graduate Scheme



I’ve finished my interview. It’s not easy (for my case). I’ve applied for Supply Chain but I’am asked about marketing strategies, brands and aquisitions (25 min/40 min). She’s very kind : “Do you want to add something to your answer ?”. I really appreciate even if I’m not selected. But I’ve have some technical questions which are not really difficult. I’m asked also about my quality and skill. I’ll have a feedback in 2 weeks.


I’ve been a reader for some time now and thought I’d post after my telephone interview today. This was one of the shortest interviews I’ve had, don’t know if that is a good thing or bad :wink:
It was pretty much the standard competency interview, but they did not ask me talk about my CV - very specific questions about Heineken acquisitions, brands and issues facing the brewing industry today.


The phone interview was not as hard as I was expecting, but it’s true I did a lot of research about the company. I have my personal interview in Madrid on April 10, and I’m quite anxious about it. It’s good to hear from past experiences. This Graduate Scheme is a unique opportunity and I can’t wait to see what happens!


hi everyone! I have been invited for a face-to face interview! Anyone round here has taken the interview? I’d be nice to have an idea of the type of questions! Cheers and good luck everyone!


Has anybody applying for supply chain area done the personal interview?


Hi peter,I applied for supply chain.have you been contacted for a face to face interview?


No, not yet :frowning:


No, not yet :frowning:


hi guys… has anyone who applied for HR done face-to-face interview


Thanks a lot c3PO474! I have applied for CR but that’s helpful to understand the question type! :slight_smile: Good luck everyone, let’s keep in touch!


Please has anybody done face to face interview on IT? Please what are the questions to expect? I applied for IT and i have face to face. Interview next week. Thnks


Tomorrow I will be struggling with my face-to-face interview for the HR area. I’m trying to think about and plan as many personal examples of competencies as I can, but if the interview is 90 minutes long I don’t know what else will be covered… Fingers crossed!


Hey, guys

has anyone of you received a rejection? I had my interview 2 weeks ago and still no answer. I guess it is not at all a good sign …but just wondering if anyone is in the same situation as I am …



Hey there!

Did any of you applying for Corporate Relations have the face to face interview? Any tips/examples regarding the questions asked would be super appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


Hi Hnkn… i haven’t taken my interview yet, it’s going to be next week… when’s yours? It’d be nice if the first of us who takes it share the questions! :slight_smile:


Hi, I had my corporate relations interview and was mostly asked technical questions concerning their products, market share, the industry etc. Hope that helps!


Hi. Please, i have my face to face interview next Tuesday. I applied for IT. Please, any tips on how it would go. Has anyone here done the face to face interview for IT? Would really appreciate feedback soonest. Thanks pals.


Thanks a lot, GraduateSeekingJob!
Kate1234, mine is next week as well!

Good luck everyone!


And by the way, GraduateSeekingJob, you are talking about the face to face interview, right? Not the telephone interview.


For those who have taken the face to face interview I hope its okay to ask the numer of interviewers on the panel and like how long did the interview last for