Heineken International Graduate Scheme




Has anybody else applied for this scheme? I have a telephone interview for it this afternoon, and was wondering if anybody else was at the same stage?



Hi! I had my second interview as well last week. Anyone got any feedback if you got through to the assessment day? I haven’t heard back from them yet!


hey, i’ve heard back from them and i got through to the assessment centre stage…any ideas on what to expect?


Thanks stef85! I also applied for the finance function…hopefully we’ll be able to meet up!
Thanks sans633, I also hope u make it through as well…good luck!


Congrats Motivated and Stef85. Just got the message that I got through as well:) I am flying over the 27th of June, anyone else attending the assessment centre 28 & 29 June?


Hey people,

I just stumbled on this forum!
Congrats to everyone who is in the AC so far, I also got an answer on Friday and I’ll be there 21& 22nd (M&S function).

@Stef85 - I would totally be in for hanging out on arrival day :slight_smile: - Great idea!

Anyone else? :slight_smile:


Congrats Semmerl:)

They called me first and sent me an e-mail afterwards. They called me with an unknown number, so it might have been them Sans633. I am actually attending the 21 & 22nd as well, they changed the date. So I am up for hanging out as well :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m also in for 21- 22. anyone any idea of the structure of the AC? Im for the HR function btw



cool! I’m scheduled for the 21st & 22nd as well, and wouldn’t mind hanging out. No idea on the structure though, and haven’t gotten any confirmation of the flight/hotel.


But are there 2 ACs on the 21 and 22? Because on their webpage it says 1 day AC so im not sure why they say 21-22 unless one day would be for briefing. I got a plane ticket to confirm but needed to change some things so still waiting for the final one.


Hi guys!
Flying in over for the a/c. Mine is 21 and 22. Supply Chain function. Have you all gotten your information packs? What is expected of us?


Hi guys!
Flying in over for the a/c. Mine is 21 and 22. Supply Chain function. Have you all gotten your information packs? What is expected of us?


Hello everybody! I just came across this forum… :slight_smile: good that I did! Congratulations to all who have been admitted!
E10…I will also participate to the AC on the 28&29!! :):slight_smile: Which function did you apply for? Looking forward to meet you! :slight_smile:



I am completing my degree this year and I would like to take part in the Heineken scheme next year.

How did the AC go? Was it tough? Thanks and good luck!!


Nice one Stef.


Guess you know who is this?



Is anyone applying for the Heineken IGP this year?

Would those who have previously applied be able to provide any advice for the online application? What are the key things to highlight in the CV/Cover Letter?

Many thanks.


HELLO!! Just wondering, for those who applied and got past the first couple of stages – did you have masters? or just bachelors? THANK YOU!!!


I was one of the few that made it to the final assessment stage, a never-to-forget experience. We all had at least a Master’s degree, but that is not to say if you don’t have a strong first degree you shouldn’t apply. Apply and be ready to prove your worth along the way.


Hi Gia,

Did you manage to make it through to the next round? I am yet to hear from them