Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2018



Congratulations! what role did you apply for? and did you accept the invitation?


I applied for Marketing & Sales. Yes I accepted the invitation.


Hello please add me


I have somes question for you I received a mail about skype Interview and They told me that they will contact me for this interview and since 23th febrary I have note received the call or mail about it


You can find here my Whatsapp number +221774766637 thanks


Yea same here :slight_smile:


Oh great! See you soon


Any GDP out soon for next year 2019 of this year maybe…Please do inform. Thank you


I add you na


Yes please


Please add me too to Whatsapp group. +38766229337


Hi there! I would like to join the whatsapp group too! my phone number is +33624842229, merci ! :slight_smile:


Hi All! I’m keen to join the whatsapp group as well! Can someone please add me? +27 823541084


Please add me to the WhatsApp group as well +2348124407786


Hey can you please tell me what is the VI like for Heineken? what can one expect? I’ve got mine coming up in couple of days


Hi! Can you please add me to the group too +4591926177


Guys, this tread is of last year. And I guess, people are not active now. So, I will make a whatsapp group and those who want can join it. I am adding those who are for this year and have written their number here. My number is : +7 9995251429. Thanks !


The Whatsapp group is ready and we have started with a small group. Those who want can join it on the number: +7 9995251429. Let’s rock !


Do you mind posting a link to the chat on here please? Cheers :slight_smile:


Guys, whoever joins via link, requesting them to introduce themselves by name and country. It will be really appreciated by all. Thanks :slight_smile: