Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2018


I got the invitation for Take Off yesterday for Marketing & Sales! Super excited and definitely nervous, does anyone have any tips? Particularly for the Video Interview? That seems to always be where I stuff up!


Interested in the WhatsApp group should join by with the link below https://chat.whatsapp.com/J94d0NHwsEuI8RzXXGs53t


I am currently taking the Take Off exercise. I must say it’s a bit different from others I have taken before. The questions for the Cognitive ability test and the english language test are being timed. Needed much speed. And they weren’t as obvious as many would think.


Hi, I applied for IT ask well, and got invited to Take Off, have you taken the tests yet?




Hi guys!
I applied for finance and I got the email for the online assessment. Could you please add me in the WhatsApp group?
+39 3283818582 thank you !


Hi everyone can I be added to the group +447513651619 thank you!!


Hello everyone, is someone able to add me in the group WA aswell? +31653696369 Thanks in advance!


Hey people, i just finished the take off(sales& marketing). Just wanted to say that the video questions were targeted and normal, nothing surprising. Be careful to read the description very well before u answer the arithmetic tests because some say that its better to answer wrong than not to give an answer, but its not mentioned in all of them. Good luck to everyone


Hello from UK- has anyone done the interview? and wants to share the questions?


Can you remember what the questions where?


why this company, why this section, how would you face (x) situation. 3 of them, dont really remember although they had to do with managment things i guess.


Corporate affairs questions to shakeagin@gmail.com would be very much appreciated


Hello guys, I have got an invite to the take off - Supply Chain :slight_smile:
Would love to be a part of the WhatsApp/Facebook group: +447403032202 akshita195@gmail.com


Hi everyone! I planning to do the video interview tomorrow (Sales & Marketing) and would love to be added to the WhatsApp/Facebook group too! +14088067143 ioannou.lizzie16@gmail.com


please add me too! +14088067143 :slight_smile:


please add me too for sales and marketing :slight_smile: +447846564836


Please add me on the WhatsApp group

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Supply chain


Anyone else has problems with the Harver program now? It is slow and I get an 504 error :\


I am having the exact same problem