Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2018


Hi guys! I just applied for Marketing & Sales role…I was wondering how long did it take for you guys to receive the take off invitation?


I applied on 3 January.


How many question were in the cognitive ability test please and we’re they the usual SHL test?


Thanks, this will be very helpful.


Hi!! I applied for finance and I got the invite for the online test in the morning. I will be taking the test tomorrow.


Hello everyone.

I just got my take-off invitation , I will be doing everything in the coming 2 days and I shall update you all !

All the best !!


thank you!!


Guys, I got some info from previews candidates about the video interview. So it is a online portal, first you have to test the microphone and sound. Secondly, you are presented with a question, you have just 30 secs to take some notes about how to answer. After, you will have 2 minutes to talk about you answer. If you finish before 2 min you can stop recording and move forward to the next questions. Normally they are btw 5 or 6 questions. Please try to read carefully, avoid to speak fast, watch out your accent, voice and tonality. It is better if you prepare possible questions beforehand. Questions are related to personality, adaptability, strengths, weaknesses, why HNK, why the function you chose, career prospects, expectation about the IGP and so on.

Good luck to all :smiley:


Here applying to procurement…Thank you for gathering the insights on the last year forum!!! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, why dont we create a whatsapp group or a facebook group so we can all share information more easily ?
I got my invitation for the take off last night, planning on doing it tomorrow so that i could have this whole day to practice !
+9613021204 // if anyone is interested in a whatsapp group this is my number, lets help each other out :slight_smile: !

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Hey guys I got invited for the take off as well :slight_smile:
ya i agree with some of you here that it seems the recruitment process is slightly different from previous years
anyways do you know how it worked before? would be great to know a bit more!


Hey guys, we have a group on whatsapp, +9613021204,for whoever wants to join talk to me so i can invite you !


hahaha ofcourse youre lebanese

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hi, please add me on whatsapp, +39 3342477607. Thanks a lot


Hello Elias! Its Ola from Cape Town. Please add me on +27623421608


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By the way, this article might be helpful: https://www.ukessays.com/essays/commerce/a-brief-history-of-heineken.php


Hi this is my number, I just took the cognitive test and English test, I have to take my SJT and Virtual interview. Please add me to the WhatsApp group. +380951622427


Hi Please add me up on the WhatsApp group chat too. +380951622427


Is there a whastapp group? Add me please, +34633029831!
Thank you. :smiley: