Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2018



Hello friends, I created a new thread for Heineken IGP 2018. Let’s just update each other here and all the best!




Thanks! How is your application going? Any updates?


Nothing yet but I guess some people already started tho I tot we wouldn’t get any update until after the application closing date which is on the 9th




I applied for the HR sector but still haven’t head back. Has anyone heard back that applied for HR?


Hi everyone, I applied for Procurement and I already received the email to take the tests. Anyone knows what type of questions they will ask ? Are those technical related to Procurement or more general ???


congrats! no idea though, you could check out previous years’ igp forums for tips. all the best, paperpiper! Update us regarding your application :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve applied for HR. just received the invitation


I think they changed the process a bit this year. In previews years, candidates have the call interview first, then some online test, F2F interview and in the final stage the Video interview. But what they sent me this time for the first stage will be a cognitive Ability Test, English Language Test, Situational Judgement Test, Video Interview Questions. That is why I am a bit confused about the type of questions. If someone probably has more clear this, I would appreciate her/his help :smiley:


I applied for IT and i received the Take off Invitation Today? Any ideal what should be expected? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Hey guys I applied for the supply chain program and just recieved my invite to continue the process with some tests… any idea on what’s in them?


I got an invite to write a “take off” test anyone with past experience?


I applied for IT and received an invite as well. Has anybody started the tests? Will highly appreciate your help.


Hi everyone,

I received the Take Off Invitation today. Do you guys have any clue about how tough is it to make to this stage? I’m just curiously wondering since I noticed there were several thousands of applicants in my country.

All the best for everyone!






I applied for IT and also got the Take Off invite. It was sent yesterday but I just saw it now. I intend to start the online tests this morning.


Hello! Hope you can share to us all your experience after. All the best!!


Hey guys! I received my “Take Off” invitation this morning. The Online Assessment consists of 1. Cognitive Ability Test, 2. English Language Test, 3. Situational Judgement Test, and 4. Video Interview Questions. I’m not sure about Assessments 1-3 except that we have to be consistent with our answers. As for the Video Interview, I’ve gathered a few possible questions from previous years. 1. Why Heineken? 2. Why should we hire you? 3. Why [the function you’ve chosen]? 4. What is your personal slogan? 5. What kind of social activities you do in your spare time? So far it was mentioned that there will be 6 questions. Good luck guys! By the way I’ve applied to Corporate Affairs.