Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Sure! Once i finish it, I will update the details here.


There were different sections with Logical, numerical and verbal questions and the last section was pre recorded video questions (which i am planning to do in couple of hours)


Seems a lot! How much time do you have for the tests? Best of luck!


what were the questions in the pre-recorded video please?


each questions has 20/30/40 seconds according to the sections. but you can logout and start it over again anytime you want.


When did you submit your application? I haven’t heard anything yet!


nope! I haven’t received my invitation yet :9 I applied at the end of January for Corporate Affairs. Anyways thanks for sharing! how many logical,verbal and numerical questions were there? sounds tough. good luck for the video interview!


did you just receive your invite?


yes! how about you?


Hi ashvini,
Could you please give us a little run down on the cognitive ability test? And also the situational judgement test.


The CAT are ok. Just like other interview. The employees ask you questions on the situations they have encountered.


still nothing :frowning: beginning to lose hope now hah, which department did you apply to? and good luck!


IT! :slight_smile: no, don’t lose hopeeee. you’ll receive an invite just patiently wait :slight_smile: thank you and goodluck to you too!


hi ashvini, how was the video interview questions? thank you :slight_smile:


Hi! I just got the invite for the online test for finanace!! I am planning to do it tomorrow


Im encoutering some problems with the video. waiting for the technical team’s support


Hi! I’ve also got my invitation for the Take Off, but right now i am sick with medications and all that stuff.
The deadline is truly this Sunday, right? If anyone is also applying for the HR team, send me a message so we can help each other. Wish the best to you all! :slight_smile:


Please hw ws d test like


Good morning please do u ve past questns for d Heineken test


Hi guys! Can I join the group as well, please? I would like to contribute to the preperations. 00306993168528 Thanks a lot & good luck everyone! :))