Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Good luck! Let’s hope of a future collaboration.


Did you submit a traditional 1 page resume or a longer, European-style CV?


anyone having trouble with the new layout for the IGP 2018 application? Somehow it says ‘Layout not found’ for me :frowning:


On the website it says the invites for the online tests will be sent out in Feb :slight_smile:


I encountered the same problem, wrote a mail to their contact, I was replied that the problem has been resolved. Best of luck… Any recommendation about what to post in the additional document?


Any idea on what expected salary and preferred location should be?


guys, do you also sent cover letter? or just cv?


anyone received the link for the tests? it seems that they changed it a bit, now its called a ‘Take Off’ and they took out the video interview.


Just got an invite today (procurement)! Yeah it sounds really weird - nothing i’ve heard of before from a grad scheme! From what I understand, the video interview is still in the tests but is blended in throughout?! I think


Happy to find this forum! Best of luck to all of us, friends. Though I still haven’t received an invite :frowning: Anybody here who has received one like Cloverhand Sage??


Hello. Since some of us already received their invites, I created a new forum for IGP 2018 for a more organized and helpful way to update each other. All the best and let’s keep in touch!



still waiting on mine…so whats new with this “Take off”? have u started already or what pls kindly share Hopefully we can help each other out like the guys from previous years


when did you apply by the way?


I just got the “take off” email. Has anyone taken it and can give me a few pointers on the cognitive ability test? thank you in advance!


Hello. I just the Take Off invitation for the IGP 2018 but I just realized there is an area called Corporate Affairs for the application but I applied for Marketing and Sales. Does anyone know if I can change my application eventough I have already received the take off invitation?


Hello! I done my online test today. planning to continue my video questions tomorrow morning. have you done it?


I got the invitation to do online test for HR.


Not yet. Tell us about it.


I finished my test. But yet to complete my Video questions.


How was it? was it logical, numerical and verbal?