Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Hi guys!
Is anyone planning to extend his/her stay in Amsterdam?


Hey ! No reply yet! It will have to be tomorrow !


I will extend my stay, but I didn’t get a reply back wrt which days is accommodation covered for.


Hi guys! I am also going to extend my stay, but the email says the accommodation is not included. I guess the flight home is included righ? How many more days are you planning to stay? and have you answered them with the return date? Thanks!


They haven’t given me that info yet too. I plan to stay till the 26th. You?


From the email I think the flight should be included, but I guess you will know for sure when they send you a proposal for the flight booking. I will stay until 25th.


For those who will attend the AC, but didn’t receive any updates from Heineken. The flight tickets are booked and paid by them, as well as one-night stay in a hotel. If you want to extend your visit, you have to take care of the accommodation on your own.


Any info about the AC from those who got the job? :slight_smile:


Hi, any applicants here for the 2018 IGP?


Yes, I am applying to the 2018 IGP - does anyone know the history of success for US applicants? From reading the blog and watching Interviews from previous participants, I have not seen any from the United States.


I also had the same concern. I’m from Kenya, Africa and I’ve also not seen any from Africa.


Hello, I am also in the 2018 IGP race. Any Invite so far


I dont think anyone has been contacted yet, i guess we wait till after the application deadline


Hi, has anyone had any contact beyond a ‘thanks for your application’ reply? It said ‘be in contact soon’ but that was a month ago.


I think we gotta wait until Feb, just after application deadline! let´s keep in touch if any informations shows up


Yes. I have applied for 2018 IGP - Finance. Is there anyone who have applied for finance track?


Hi, Mapleskull,I also applied for the finance track.


Hi, I’ve applied for a position in the Human Resources Team. If one of you get another notification about the process, let me know. Greetings.


Hi guys! Just applied for the IGP 2018 for Corporate Affairs. Let’s keep in touch about the updates!


I’m applying for Corporate Affairs too, all the best!