Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



I also did mine yesterday.
I had some experience with these kind of interviews so I guess I didn’t feel that awkward (but still, it’s really not the best), also the fact that you only have 1 attempt to record yourself is quite stressful, when considered together with the time pressure…
However, for me it was 3 HR questions and 3 function-related questions.
Overall, I’m not very happy with my performance… I think I screwed it up in a couple of questions :frowning:

And for the results… I guess it’ll take them 1 week or 10 days, right?


Does anybody know when exactly the results will be sent out? Is there a strict deadline like it was with phone interviews, when everybody was notified at once, on Tuesday?


Completely agree with you. I felt weird giving interview. Thats how the interaction change when people element is taken out of equation :smiley:


I didn’t feel like those were business-oriented questions. They were very general… Maybe it’s because I’m on the Corporate Communications track. I was asked why I chose Hieneken, what kind of social activities I do in my spare time, and a personal slogan. How about you, guys?


Lucky you! I had 3 business-related questions. For example, to explain which in your opinion are the factors that make the consumer decide to buy one of Heineken’s brands when coming into the store.
The question about sales was, in my opinion, badly expressed so I’m still not sure if I answered to what they were asking for… :frowning:
But I think we all got the “Why Heineken?” and the one with the slogan


Hey guys, hope we all did well in the video interview. It was quite an odd experience when you speak to a computer and see the time running out. I was quite nervous and some of the questions were not as straightforward as I had hoped for. But I hope they won’t be too strict and we all get invited for the AC.
was also quite nervous but I hope they won’t be to strict


Hello everybody, any idea when we will hear about the outcome of the virtual interview ?


Hi, I got an email today saying between 24th-28th March and that the answers are undergoing review by senior managers.


I got the email as well


All the best. Hope we all will make it through :slight_smile:


Hi guys! There is a conversation thread on Facebook about the estimated salary that Heineken has asked about from some candidates. Has anyone received that communication from Heineken? I am not sure where and when they asked us for a salary estimate. Thanks!


Heya, I received an email just few hrs ago about it.


Hi guys! So what are you going to put as your expected annual gross salary? I think it should be at least 40k per year, so maybe 40-45K.


Anyone received any communication after the email of expected salary? I guess they will release AC shortlist this week


Hey! I got an email saying that the results have been delayed by another week and we should hear back from them by next week. I am applying for the HR track so it could be specific to HR.


Hi Nr. I have got same response. I contacted the spoc and he said they are waiting for results from Assessors. Lets keep hope alive till next week :slight_smile:
I applied for SC.


I got this email as well. I am also on the HR track.


Hey everybody, nice to find some active place for IGP

I’ve just got invited for the AC (finance track). However I already have some job offers and it is a little bit akward to let other companies wait so long… Heineken is my clear number 1 choice, but I also don’t want to risk ending up with no job at all :wink:
Any other applicants who are in the same situation?


Anyone in Supply chain invited for AC yet?



Also finance applicant here :).

I am in a similar situation. It’s pretty awkward yeah. But we could have expected this since we first applied.
It would be interesting to know what percentage of the people from the AC are made an offer, to get a better idea of the tradeoff.
Do you think it’s appropriate to email the IGP team and ask?