Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Haha! You were right. Finally got a call for virtual interview. Domain SC. All the best :slight_smile:


Guys! Just received the invitation for the virtual interview! Good luck everyone!


Same here! Got my invitation for marketing & sales right now! :slight_smile:

Now the question we’re all thinking about… What kind of questions can we expect for the VI? xD


Virtual interview corporate relations !!! :))) this is soooo exciting!


Congrats everyone! I just got my invite for M&S too :slight_smile: So is it gonna be basically the same competency&motivation questions?


Heard the questions will be something like ‘why Heineken, why the specific function, why you should be hired’ etc.


got the VI for M&S as well!! Congrats everyone!


Well done guys, I am also invited for the video interview. Let’s hope we will pass this stage too!!!


Congrats everyone! Got my invite for HR. Good luck!


Applied aswell, just have to do the VI tomorrow. Have you done it already?


Hello everyone! I am about to do my Virtual Interview tomorrow! Procurement guy here! Anyone knows what sort of questions are to be expected? Thanks in advance, good luck to all!



Not yet. Planning to do mine tomorrow or Sunday morning.


Good luck to you! Im sure its all about staying calm and just show who you are and your enthusiasm


Hello, how did your VI go?


I’m applying for Finance too


Great to hear from you Uwadiesarah.
Anyone done the VI yet?


Hey guys, just a quick question: How long will there be to answer the question: 2 minutes or 1 minute? Any of you done the interview and can give some other advice regarding the questions?


From what I’ve heard, 1 minute to prepare after the question was given and then 2 minutes to actually answer the question.


Hi all! How did your VI go? Any idea when can we expect results?


I did mine yesterday! I am not 100% happy about it. The VI is a bit stressful and awkward. 6 questions, not function, but more personality related, 30s to prepare, 2 min to answer!