Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Hi…Can Anyone else share their interview experience? I have my interview scheduled for Monday


I have my interview on Tuesday.


I will have a Skype intereview on Wed, with a same person who conducted my phone interview. I’ll write when it’s over. I’d appreciate your feedbacks on who did it go for you and what were the questions.


Hi! Done with the interview. It will be mainly competency based questions related to your answers in MQ and BQ. For me they gave me three situations.

  1. related to situation where I made use of external help to solve a challenge
  2. What frustrate you during a job
  3. instance when my team was benefited but at the expense of other team

Your questions may be different based on your results of MQ and BQ.
All the best :slight_smile:


I have my interview on Thursday.


Thank you guys for your feedback. I will share my experience once I have completed my interview. Good luck to everyone!


Hi guys! I just had the interview. It went well! We didn’t discuss any of the online tests results. The interviewer was very nice. She asked me some questions related to:

  1. A time when I had to collaborate with a department/team with different goals, and what my role was.
  2. A time I inspired a person or team to work, and the results.
  3. The greatest challenge in my life and how I solved it.

Hope that helps! Good luck!


Hey! Glad it went well! Thanks for the details. May I ask how long the interview was?


Hi! hmm… like 30-40 minutes. Sorry I didn’t pay attention to that! Regards and good luck!


My interview started with a few general questions about my life, work and hobbies. And then softly we moved to behavioral questions. Those were:

  1. The most challenging goal that I achieved.
  2. How do I work in a team and encourage others to participate.
  3. The feedbacks. How actively do I seek for ones and how.
    I was asked many clarifying questions along the way, so it was more like a discussion. The interviewer was very nice, we talked for 50 minutes. The results are next week.
    I hope this helps to you, guys. Good luck!


Hey guys! I had my F2F interview today, with the same person I had spoken to on the phone, so that was nice.
About the questions… well, most of my answers led to the next question, so it was more of a conversation but generally speaking I got questions about:

  • A major goal/challenge that I accomplished
  • Leadership: how I involved everybody in the group, how I changed my course of action because of different goals within the group.
  • Feedback: a time when I received very helpful feedback.
    Also, I got some additional questions about my weaknesses and strengths and my general motivation for the position.

I have the feeling that they will evaluate this interview along with both the tests’ results AND the phone interview. Because some of us have been interviewed but that same person and I haven’t heard from anybody that they didn’t pass the phone interview, have you?
Also, the interviewer told me the results will be sent on Monday or Tuesday.
Good luck to everybody!


Hi guys! I just got over with my F2F interview. It went well and the interviewer was super amazing. I had the typical questions that many people have covered here but I’ll just point those out:

  • Leadership: how I involved everybody in the group
  • Feedback: how do I ask for constructive feedback and use it
  • Innovative: an idea that I saw at some other organization/school and tried to implement it at my own.

Hope this helpful! Good luck!


Hi guys, my experience is in line with what has been shared on the forum.
A question concerning a time I took on constructive feedback. Another one about leadership and one about how I needed to work with another team that had different objectives to get a job done. There were plenty of follow up question though. It was generally a very nice interviews as the interviewers were super friendly.
Hope that helped. Good luck to all of you


Hi guys! I had my interview last week too and had questions similar to what has been shared in this forum (major achievement, how can i involve people, etc). They sent email that the results will be given April 4, latest. And also mentioned that the AC for Supply Chain is on June 15th. Anyone else applying for Supply Chain? Goodluck to all of us!


Hey ya, I got similar mail stating results will be given on April 4th and virtual interview should be finished by 9th of April. Assessment Center on 15th of June. Yeah, I am for Supply Chain.


Oh yes same. Good luck to all of us! :slight_smile:


Oh my… It’s so painfull just to wait and guess. Please, write here as soon as you receive an email with results. Also, I’ve heard that virual interview has questions on the selected business area. I’m just wondering what those might be for Corporate Communications?


Hi everyone. Who else is applying to the Finance track? Wish everyone success.


Hi guys! Did anyone hear back from them? Thanks!


No! And I am going craaaazy :frowning:
I think maybe since the next stage is the VI and they’ll use a third party company to run it (as in the online test) maybe they have sent the results to them and we’ll know through that third party, as it happened with the online tests.
If it’s like that… I remember getting some emails very late, like at 10pm (central Europe time) so… could that be the case?
It’s that or they just need more time, but they were usually right on time (or even early)