Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Hi all! I’ve also received an acceptance email yesterday, even though I was told the results would be much later. I think personality test is just the basis for your F2F interview, so it’s not pass or fail.


I’ve also passed the phone interview! :slight_smile:
Already did the two tests. I guess that on the F2F interview, we’ll get behavioural questions based on the results, but if anybody has some tips or knows something else, it would be much appreciated! You can never be too prepared :wink:
I’m applying for marketing, btw! And I’ll have my interview in Amsterdam, since I’m studying my master in The Netherlands


Hello ! I was supposed to have my F2F interview today but it was postponed because they don’t have the results from the personality test. Did anybody get it? Seems like they are evaluating all of the test in NL and it is not automatic.


Hi! I took the motivation and personality test on Monday, but I haven’t received any call or mail confirming the date for the F2F interview, so I guess we just have to wait.


Hey! I took the tests on Sunday and I only got the email yesterday afternoon. They just gave me a bunch of possible dates & times to choose from, so I guess you’ll get something similar.
On the website it says that F2F interviews take place in between March and April, so I guess they will take their time…

PS. I’m on marketing, btw


Did anyone else hear back from them about F2F?


Hi, I have received my invitation for the f2f interview last week. I hope you will also have receive an invitation soon. Has anyone been through it yet and is willing to share his/her experience?


does anyone already have a date confirmed for the F2F interview?


That is great. Congrats. Mine is on the 29th. Do you have an idea on whether they reimburse you for the travel expenses? Do you know the dress code for the inter (formal or casual smart)? I applied for Finance


I am going to have skype interview.


It’s weird, I completed the tests last week on Monday and I didn’t receive any emails since then. Anyone in the same situation?
Also, if anyone has an interview soon, could you please write how did it go?


Hello I have my f2F interview on Friday, can someone please tell me what to expect? Has anyone done their f2f here?


Hello! As far as I know they will use the results of the personality and motivational tests to ask you questions, so I guess they will ask you things related to leadership, routine work, taking on challenges, helping people, team role, prioritizing, etc. Hope that helps! We all would appreciate if you can share your experience, I don’t have a date confirmed yet. Good luck!


Hey guys, nice to meet you all.
I’ve F2F Skype interview scheduled for tomorrow. btw, I’m applying for Supply Chain. I’m studying in Sweden.
I had my online tests on 15th Feb, telephone interview on 7th March. The lady called from Croatia, she was super nice and it lasted for 45 mins. MQ & PQ was on 12th of March.


Hello everyone ! I had my F2F interview today in Czech Republic. It was just an interview with the HR, no managers were involved. She told me that all the questions are asked based on the results from personality test and therefore every candidate will have different sets of questions. First we went over my resume and the rest was a lot like the phone interview - mostly behavioral. Like when did you take on the leadership role, how did you react to a negative feedback, how do you make sure that everyone in the group is involved… etc. Good luck to everyone !


Hey! Thanks a lot, this is very helpful!
Would you say that the questions were more about what it may seem to be (from the tests) your strenghts or your weaknesses?
Also, did they tell you anything about the results of those tests?
And finally, did they ask you many industry-specific and/or Heineken-related questions? Thanks a lot!

Btw, I’m having my F2F interview on the 30th in Amsterdam (marketing & sales)



I had my F2F skype interview now. Two ladies from Croatia interviewed me.
It was basic HR questions and competency based questions. A situation when I came up with innovative solution, leadership experience, team work, etc.

They did not discuss about the results of the tests, nor industry specific questions and Heineken related questions. Infact, my telephone interview had lot of Heineken related questions.

All the best with your interview.


I am in the same boat as you. In fact, I reached out to the team in Amsterdam this past Monday and asked them when can I expect to hear some details about my F2F interview. They told me someone from Mexico would reach out to me within next two weeks. I guess it depends on how proactive your region office is. I think the HR teams in Europe are maybe a little more proactive?


Hi, can you please tell me which email address you used to contact HR in Amsterdam about your F2F?


Hi, I used this one - internationalgraduateprogramme@heineken.com