Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Hi guys, can you add me as well? Procurement +39 3333913912


anyone got a phone call or an e-mail?


Please add to the Whatsapp group. I did the TAKE OFF for Marketing and Sales


Hey guys I did the take off (finance). Please add me to the whats app group. My number is +256700410028.


Join the group via this link to share experience and stay updated https://chat.whatsapp.com/4u5XJNQtlWxDtlEVeiQpYO


Did you got any?


Anyone got replies, mail or call regarding IGP - Corporate affairs?


If theres a WhatsApp group feel free to add me +18475071293


I’m still waiting to hear back as well.


No news about the application? ?


Guys who has any news about the application process? Has any of you received an email. Please update us if get anything.


I haven’t gotten any answers for example. I thought that they would get back by the end of today


I got an answer congratulating me on the results of the take off on Feb 23 at 18:00 CET, they said that they would contact me in span of 2 weeks for the next step - Face to face interview.


On Monday Feb 26 a nice Recruiter called by phone and discussed what time slot would be possible for me and told there are slots beginning of March but then also offered one the next day - 27 Feb 11-1145 and I agreed! He mentioned as well that this is a competency interview so I have to prepare (to back up my skills by actual deeds).

In the beginning I had a small technical issue with Skype Business as I had it on my laptop as well (for my work) but the link that the Recruiter sent was a bit different thing - Skype Web App, so I got confused for some 5 mins. I had the interview with a quite experienced (20 years at Heineken) Supply Chain Manager from France and the same young Recruiter who was calling me before. I liked the interview. We each had a chance to introduce ourselves and then they devoted 30 mins to the actual questions like : What was your biggest achievement (work/project related)? Give us example of how you were innovative/changed approach in your work/team? How you achieve better teamwork/how you approach it? Why Supply Chain/how is it related to your previous experiences? Which destination you would rather not choose to have an assignment at Heineken? Some questions very also looking at my CV so they wanted me expand more on my experiences. In the end I also had a chance to ask them each a question as well (even though we kinda were running out of time and I said maybe we better not do it if they have another upcoming interview but they said its no problem - so was nice). I asked the Manager lady where she had her favorite experience with Heineken (as she went at least 5 places around the world) - she told this was in Indonesia and also from there she still saved long term relationship with at least 10 people which to me seems cool. The young and also adventurous Recruiter (who actually did the same uni as me some years ago) I asked about his fav volunteering experience - I expected it to be 2 month farming in Argentina (when seeing his profile on LinkedIn before the interview :D) and actually it was! So yeah, the ending part is nice as it helps to create more relation to the people who were asking you questions. Hope to meet the guys at some point as well.

For further notice they mentioned that I shall get a reply on 19 of March on whether I will be invited to the assessment center on 17 of April.


Had a very unpleasant interview with Heineken, people are absolutely not nice and do not show any interest in the candidate’s profile. The whole interview I had a feeling that the manager made a huge effort to join the call since I was interrupted all the time, my answers were interpreted incorrectly and no positive and supportive attitude was promoted. I hope that I was just unlucky to speak with this exact person, but from the interview I concluded that the company values only candidate’s willingness to work in whatever country he/she will be assigned to and is extremely proud from the fact that they reallocate people in “extreme” places (which is not a fact to be proud of at all), rather than teamwork, international experience, openness to people, professional background etc. Expected more from this program and people.


Hi, has anyone got feedback from the AC?