Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Try disconnecting and reconnecting your cam. It worked for me.


I did the corporate affairs take off as well, the numerical reasoning,English and abstract was fair enough, the toughest was the first pattern test


are the tests provided by SHL?


I am practicing reasoning tests but I am not hopeful. Glad that the dead line was extended until tomorrow


Have take off for Corporate Affairs


I am taking for IGP - Corporate affairs. Can you add me in the group? +919994601260


i am not in the group myself.


Corporate Affairs also! +447961177985


What are you doing in prep for the tests? And the video interview…? Imagining corporate scenarios? For example partnerships etc ?


Hey guys,
I’m stuck at the Situational judgement test, the video never loads always on the same page and I can’t continue the test. Is anyone facing this too? I tried several times but it’s always the same…


Please add me on the WhatsApp group +1 6307401901 Marketing & Sales


Can someone please add me too. I’ve applied for the finance department.


Can someone add me too please. +38765/618-176


Please, is anyone here that applied for supply chain? Add me up please, +2347033266191. Thanks


Hey guys I did the take off . I applied for the technology role . If there is an WhatsApp group . Please add me too . +91 9916401001


Please add +85260864954 if theres a whatsapp group, thanks :slight_smile: applied procurement


Add me please to the whatapp group. +2348064292636


Very nice to join


Add me please to the whatapp group. +2348064292636


Join the group via this link to share experience and stay updated