Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Hi guys! I have just received the invite to take off for sales and marketing. Please I’d really love to get some tips. If you can add me to any whatsapp group would be amazing. My number is +393493642099. Email alberti_giacomo@yahoo.com


Everyone has the same tests! The CAT’s are hard to judge - it really depends on your own mental ability, the first pattern recognition was the hardest overall for me. The SAT was easy, just base it off of what you think is right/what you would do


Any update on the video interview? Has anyone done it? What’s it like?


Has anybody done the IGP finance test?.how was it?. any tips would help. thanks. email id is kaushikbalram@gmail.com. pls add me on whatsapp +640221911513


Hi . have you done the test for IGP finance?. I have got the take off invite for finance. pls add me +640221911513


i have applied for the same. contact me at +640221911513


a lots of ask for advice, and not so many poeople who want to share ;D


well, it wouldn’t benefit them, but also wouldn’t be fair to get all the tips. btw some of us already shared what to expect. Also i would expect of a company to easily foresee that some got help,especially if they have a perfect video interview.


please i would liek to know more about the IGP finance, add me please +96170846484


Please someone advise. I have tried recording my answers but it keeps saying access to camera denied. I checked the settings and the harver site is allowed to access my camera. I have emailed tech support for help but they aren’t replying. Anyone else experienced this?


Hey guys, I am applying for IGP Finance…Has anyone finished their video interview. Please share with us the questions to expect


Hey guys, did anyone finish the video interview?


Hi Sandra has your case been resolved…I am same problem


I disconnected then reconnected my webcam and it worked.


i’m done with all question, good luck guys and let;s see whatt 26th will bring :slight_smile:


hey guys…i am applying for finance but my webcam has refused to work yet it has been allowed to access the page. help guys


Hi Sandra i’ve just had the same problem. Did you find a solution? I’m not getting any reply fromthe Support


I’m stuck in the video interview. I got myself prepared and sat for the interview to begin. The timer for the 20 second counter turned to zero and showed “unknown error” and I’m stuck with the question.


Hey I’m Corporate affairs too, have you done it yet?


Disconnected and reconnected my webcam and it worked