Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



Hi… this link doesn’t seem to work


Hi Everyone!
How are you doing?
I also just got the invitation for the test…so nervous about the test.
I applied for Marketing & Sales…anyone else?? Want to brainstorm?


Hi, someone have any problems with camera the in the video interview ??


Thank you! Lets start helping us all from that new forum. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to hearing the sharing about your experience with the test


Interested in the WhatsApp group should join by with the link below https://chat.whatsapp.com/J94d0NHwsEuI8RzXXGs53t


I’m doing Marketing & Sales! Done all except the Video Interview, how about you? the tests are definitely different to what I have done before.


Hi. Just want to ask something from all applicants. There was a question in the application form if we have spend or lived 3 months outside of our home country at any point in life.

I haven’t and I was just wondering if that was also one of the criteria to be shortlisted, does anyone have any information on this?


I’m also doing marketing and sales… haven’t done the tests yet though


What do they mean by cognitive?
Are they like abstract reasoning tests? Never done a similar one


Guys, one of the criteria to be selected is finishing the program you’re enrolled in or being a degree holder.
Thing is, I can’t be done with my master’s before Jan '19. I’ve been invited to the takeoff anyways.
Do you think I can be excluded at some point in the process?


Hi guys, just received the invitation for the take off, finance track. I’m very glad I’ve found this group :slight_smile: Wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi I was also invited for the take off test for HR too but I don’t know how it works any help would be appreciated.


Similar to brain teasers - pattern recognition, number sequences etc.


Thank you!


Does everyone who applied for the programme get invited to do the Take-off?


Hi guys! can I join a whatsapp group if any does exist. I applied for supply chain and I would like to contribute to the preparations. 0027 71 794 6822


could you please add me? 0031628128028 I applied for IGP Marketing & Sales , living in the NL


hello. what email did you use to contact the technical support. the technical support email address: harvey@support.com keeps giving me an error message. i will appreciate your help. been stuck in the situational judgement section for over 5 hours. the next button idnt woorking. i have refreshed, logged out . still the same problem


What were the Marketing & Sales tests like? Planning to give 'em today.