Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2017



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Hey, I submitted my CV on the 6th. Did anyone receive the Heineken online test invitation here? I haven’t got any response from them till now :stuck_out_tongue: still waiting for their answer.


I got an invitation on the 17th. Have you heard?


Hi, I’ve just done the online test today. Waiting for reply and further instructions. :slight_smile:


I applied late Jan and got my invite to take the online ability test on the 17th. I’m thinking that since you applied at the very end you’ll likely end up receiving the invite sometime this week. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Hey anyone done with the 2nd round of online assessments here?


I did, waiting for outcome


Any updates?


Any updates?


I wrote the 2nd online test about 3days ago, waiting for outcome


Nice! I would be taking them today. Was it hard compared to the other conventional tests? Where are you from?


I took the numerical and verbal tests today, I think they were harder than the inductive reasoning, now waiting for the result


The quantitative was just too tough compared to verbal


Yeah the quant was pretty hard. Still managed to finish it in time. Verbal I could not attempt all the questions. Gotta work on that :[


Hey! Did anyone get a reply from Heineken after the tests were done?


The first test that I got was logical reasoning. You’ll be fine in it if you can see a pattern in colours, shapes and movements of figures. After a few days, I got a notification that I passed, and have to sit now verbal and numerical tests. Verbal was fine: 30 questions in 19 minutes (around 2-3 questions per a short passage of a text), the passages and questions were much easier than those in sample materials. Timing was fine. Numerical. however, caught me for no reason. 18 questions with 25 minutes sound more than enough, but the calculations (despite being simple and straightforward) are tedious and long. So you spend a lot of time typing numbers into your calculator, and then you have to repeat some, because you need some number that you already calculated once again. Stupid! Plus, I was lost in some bulky questions (like what is the ration of the percent of the change in previous year blah blah), so in a result, I got 1/3 of questions wrong. I made screenshots, so I was able to solve everything afterwards. Today I was shocked by receiving indeed an invitation to the telephone interview. So on each stage it took them 3 days after the deadline to process all the data and get back to the applicants with results.


Congratualtions on getting through to the next round ! So are you from the States? taking screenshots was nice! How did you manage to do them in the first place? :open_mouth: Also can you share the screenshots… I have already taken the tests so it wont matter now.

Goodluck :slight_smile:


It takes a second to make a screen shot, wasn’t hard. Sure I can. Write me on mahikan1991@gmail.com
Did you get invited to the phone interview?


Hi! Did anybody have the phone interview already? I’m having mine on friday and was wondering if someone had any insights on it. Would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s quite early. Mine is schedule for next week. Can you then write here on how did it go?