Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2016



Supply chain. I hear it’s 6 pre-recorded questions. 1 min to reflect and prepare the answer after the question has been read out and 2 mins to answer the question. As for the content of the question, it will differ from division to division but will generally take the form of Why Heineken? Why GIS? Tell us about…(2 competency questions relevant to division) and Why should we hire you?


Thank u very much, appreciatted


I applied to the Finance track and still have not heard back from the recruiting team…


Did anyone get invited to the assessment centre yet?


Is it expected this quick ?


It’s definitely too early…


True i agree with sunny soul. Haha I saw your earlier comment though it still good by me though :wink:


true, but some candidates will need to apply for a visa, so it can’t be that late either I reckon?


:slight_smile: there was a typo, so I had to change it


Perhaps you can start collecting necessary documents and if you’re successful, you’ll be able to apply immediately after receiving your invitation.


Hey everyone! I’m really interested in applying to this program I was wondering if anyone from this year can give me some advice on the process? I’m applying to the HR position and my boyfriend is applying to the Finance position. This was the only forum with the most recent activity anything would be appreciated thanks xo


Hi! I am interested in applying for a supply chain position and I was hoping that some past candidates could give me some advice! Thanks!!


Hi! I am applying for the IGP 2017 HR function and I am very excited to interview for the same! I just had my telephone interview and it went very well. Any pointers for the F2F? I am based out in Chicago and so I am not sure what the process would be like!


Did any one hear after the 2017 assessment centre program held on 9 March?


Hello! Anyone out there doing a IGP with Heineken??? Or applied for this year 2018!?


Hello! I’ve applied for the HR track and just got the invite for Take off. Which track you’ve applied for?


I applied for HR as well. Have you done your online test?


Hi, I am applying today for Corporate affairs today. How about you?


Awesome. Not yet, and you?


I am having some problems witht he videos playing. waiting for the support team to help me