Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2016



They sent out results very quickly in previous rounds so I suppose we will be notified soon. Last day for f2f interview was last Friday.


Phew… Still in the game :slight_smile: You guys?


congrats :slight_smile: no reply for me yet. still waiting. when did you receive the email?


Thanks! About 12 hours ago. You’ll receive yours soon, I’m sure.


Same here.! No communication yet. May be function wise. What domain did u apply for @Sunny_Soul?




Still waiting for any communication.
Congrats sunny_soul. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: I hope you’ll receive your invitation shortly


Like wise still on point, so i guess its about time we create our own facebook group as its been done in the past. And i applied for the GIS programme.


Any tips for the virtual interview guys pleasee.


Were you notified yesterday too?


anyone completed the video interview for supply chain? willing to share some tips?


what division did you apply to?


I was notified this morning very early like 8 hours back


GIS. And u ?


Hey guys, there is a facebook group for 2016 IGP.


finally got it, it had got into a different folder and not the ‘inbox’ !! phew !!
Am just glad I checked all folders :smiley:


Congrats ocean 12.


Yay! Congrats :slight_smile: and good luck!


Mine too.! Had tucked into promotions tab.! Luckily I check that too once a while.! :stuck_out_tongue: