Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2016



Hey, Colonel_Columbus! How many people interviewed you?


2 of them lol, 1 from the 1st interview & 1 Head of HR in my country :slight_smile:


hey folks, was out of the forum for some time now… was not keeping a good health. but back now :slight_smile:
Hope everyone is doing good.
I just stumbled upon this neat Heineken Vid, maybe you’ll like it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6xLcItSJN8

I was thinking maybe we could start a discussion here to help all of us with our preparation like discussing sponsorships, or the industry trends as such in our respective regions ? Am sure it would help us all… What say folks ?


thanks for sharing colonel.
Am sure you nailed it :slight_smile:


Hey Sunny, its in april first week… working towards it :slight_smile:
are you done with yours ?




Haha, the video is funny :)) Discussions are probably a good idea, but my interview is tomorrow already, so for me it’s too late I’m afraid. Anyways, from what I found out, the brewing industry nowadays experiences fierce competition from craft brewing, the developed markets are quite saturated and there is growing demand for drinks with lower alcohol content. Am I right?


Oh, and by the way, I like this commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ZZreXEqSY


Was any asked on conflicts please, or passion or leadership or team work


thank you very much, any other pointers you like to share am from nigeria and do have my interview tomorrow.


Of course. However, the questions are going to be different for every candidate. So… Just be ready to answer behavioral questions


Not really… be confident and friendly. Good luck :slight_smile:


@sunny_soul : hope you had a good interview!!
for the industry, i agree with the focus moving on craft beer and increase in local competition, specially in the developing markets.
but the demand for lower alcohol content beverages, i think is a local issue and depends on the respective market than the global trend.
thoughts ?


Any luck with the face to face interview any pointers



How many people took your interview and who were they?


Just one, a lady from Amsterdam


Well, no technical questions. There were just several behavioral questions based on the personality test and then time to ask your own questions. Questions were like “Give me a specific example of a time when you inspired someone. Give me a specific example when something else…”. A very pleasant experience indeed. However, it took me only 30 min, so I’m afraid I didn’t give enough details. Anyways, the results will be available in mid-April. Good luck to everyone!


hey all, things seem to pretty quiet here !
anyone hear back post the F2F yet ?


I don’t think so.! It is supposed to be out this week but the deadline was not yet decided by them.! Keep calm and chill.! :slight_smile:


No, not yet… I hope the results will be released soon.