Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2016



Congrats to those selected for the next stage! :slight_smile: Do you guys know whether F2F questions include specialization or not? I mean, is it time to revise info on the function?


Good luck to u Columbus, please any pointers you can give on how the face to face went would be very much appreciated pleasee. Was there any competencies and stuffs the like?.

Thank you


Does anyone know what the last day to have F2F interview is?
Anyone in Asia applies for the APGP too?


which function are you in Colonel_Columbus? how many interviewers were there? I applied to the SC track.


The last day is April, 8 I believe


okay, so finally got the mail for F2F… can breathe now :slight_smile:
congrats to all who made it !
any tips for the motivation type questions and the F2F ??

Cheers !!


The motivation questions would be what determines ur interview questions for face to face. Just be honest on what u clicking, or if u lie just be consistent on the lie . for additional explanation Check the tips written by Columbus below it should help. Good luck to u and congrats on getting to the face to face like we.


Yay! Congratulations! When is your F2F interview going to be?


F2F interview was all over the place, but closest to that of an HR interview you can find in a regular recruitment process. At first Surprisingly they just read my CV and Cover Letter to ask about my experience…3 weeks already so I can’t remember them vividly. But there were surely more than 3 behavior questions & bunch of other questions about function-related experience. E.g:

  • What was the most challenging goal you attained? How?
  • How do you deal with conflicting priorities…tell an example…
    They also reconfirm the language abilities, let you ask some questions back. Lasted 45 minutes for me. Overall, a very pleasant interview, I talked way too much lol.


I’m in Human Resources! Gluck lalala!


Still not :frowning: getting very anxious haha


Thanks! I’m sure it was successful. Mine is going to be conducted via Skype, so I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t have a chance to talk to them in person.


I applied on 3 March. And recently just got an email about the application closing. But yet gotten any calls or test to be done. Able to advise? Got a miss call from a private number last night at 830pm but I didn’t took the call. Could it be them? Anyone can help? From SG here!


We were required to complete online tests by mid-Feb already. You would need to pass two rounds of online tests first before moving on to the telephone interview. And I don’t think they would call you before the telephone interview you have scheduled with them, so probably you should apply next time.


Alright thanks! Guess really got to wait for the next time then. Becoz I didn’t recieve any test as well. But they should have closed the application since there so many test to be done.


Hey sunniie, the application were closed by January 31st, so I think that was probably a mistake. Good luck though.


They definitely send them, cause I just got mine. :frowning:
I didn’t pass through the phone interview. First they sent me an e-mail telling me and asking me if I want a feedback. Then when I said yes, they scheduled a talk to tell me what happened and why it happened.
It was sad, but oh well. We are here to learn, right?
Good luck for all of you who remain. Tell us when you make it! :slight_smile:


not too sure as I gotten the email for notification of application closure on 18March.


u must be talking about the APAC graduate program…the deadline for that was 18th march i guess.


Oh. I guess I mixed up the two programs. Thanks for highlighting