Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2016



Same in my case. Are the results of the telephonic interview out?


Hey guys, a few tips in case you’re still waiting for Telephone or MQ/OPQ.:
I am applying from Vietnam and have read some guides from previous year’s interview. It seems to have the same format every year.
They asked me a few questions about the company and mostly about the motivation check and fit with the program.

  1. Companies:
  • Differentiation of Heineken
  • Famous brands
  • 3 values
  • Sponsorship
  1. Fit:
  • Languages spoken
  • Willingness to relocate
  • Why apply for the program
  • Expectations
    A few questions of behaviors regarding adapting to sudden changes, how you would prepare for such change in culture.
    It lasted for 30 minutes and I got the result next day immediately.
  1. MQ/OPQ
    It’s by SHL, very long but not hard at all. OPQ and MQ both categorize you into certain types of person like: Leading, Supporting, Connecting, etc. based on your preference of Statements given.
    E.g: Pick 1 of 3 statements as most likely, and least likely…It’s very repetitive, since there are like 150 questions, rephrased but the topic would be only 8-10 different ones. So you’d better be consistent in answering those, I suppose, since they can identify when you lie in answering Behavioral interviews, or you’re unsure of yourself.
    Gluck all, keep updated!


Thank you very much


Thanks mate !!


Even am waiting for their reply. I had it on March 08th so expecting to hear back maybe next week,


Me too. My interview was on Mach 7th and they told me I would get an answer after March 11th, because there were still some interviews going on. I got pretty nervous now that some people said they got their feedbacks immediately.


Hey guys!

I’m just curious here.
Whats countries are you guys from?

I’m from Brazil! And I’m still waiting for news on my telephone interview!
Good luck for us!!


it has to do with the number of applicants in your region i guess they were much in your area. the phone interview ends on 10th so i guess from 11th you will start to get feedback on your phone interview though. wish u success. What were the questions that were asked in your phone interview pleasee wanna see if they have been given a list of questions to ask from headquarters or it depends on the interviewer. I just too my personality shl test though after i got feedback 2 days ago i progressed to the face to face interview.


So how did you face to face interview go mate. ?


Have you heard back from them?


Wow, thanks for sharing! I just wonder whether I can consider my application unsuccessful since I haven’t got any reply from them yet. It was more than 10 days ago. Were you interviewed by Kelsey?


Hey! Singapore :slight_smile: anyone else?


do they send out regret emails after each stage or silence will be the answer? anyone knows?


they always send out regret mails that i am sure of as my cousin was sent one after the phone interview. It takes longer per region it has to do with how many applicants applied in that region. Please have faith and be patient


Hi Nigeria nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Have u taken your face to face interview andrea


I do remember Kelsey saying after 11th march but posted this question as others started receiving links for further processes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Monday to come.


I was. And no I haven’t heard back yet. I remember she telling me that interviews are going on till 11th and after that you will get to know, you move forward or not.


India, anyone else? And nice to meet you all too.


Hey all havent heard back still, seems like Im far too ahead in the timeline and other regions, so its normal to wait for all F2F results from around the world to come in. It went well for me personally, hanging in tight haha