Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2016



Has anyone received the link for the Verbal and Numerical test?


Yep, numerical and verbal tests are done. Waiting for the date of the phone interview. Any ideas about the questions? From what I found out, most of the questions are motivation questions.


They seem to be ahead of the timeline this year hmm. I passed my Phone interview with result 1 day after the occasion, and took my OPQ & MQ just now. Will be having the F2F interview on March 1st. Anybody with updates?


Good luck with F2F interview! By the way, can you share your experience of phone interview, please? What kind of questions do they ask? :slight_smile: Thanks


Hey all

Glad to have found an active forum for IGP. I got a mail for the Phone interview and awaiting further communication.
How did it go for you guys ? What lines were the questions on?
Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:


Hey Colonel_Columbus
How was the phone interview for you? Would be really helpful if you could share some info on the same !

Best of luck for the F2F ! :slight_smile:

Cheers !


it seems to me that the telephone interview and face-to-face interview are conducted and assessed by the local team/managers where you have your interviews. so questions could vary from place to place, and probably the virtual interview is the round when the Talent Team to get to know the candidate and decide whether he or she will get to the AC.


I was interviewed by a person from Amsterdam, although I’m based in Asia


Same in my case, based in Asia… but the mail is from a recruiter in Amsterdam


Guys, I asked the HR the date that the assessment centre is scheduled and she told me it is on the website.
Does anyone know where? Cause I can’t find it…


The AC is scheduled to be in June. The specific dates are not mentioned but the timeline can be seen on the ‘selection process’ page on the site.
Cheers !


Hii Columbus Good luck on your face to face interview, i wish u success in it. Please can you share information on the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) you took what was it all about and also questions on what your face to face interview was all about. From past trends, on this site i have been able to make notes of likely asked questions and would just like to be sure am on the right track. thank you once more, pleasee private message me if its best for you, thank you.


Tell me about a time you failed, how did you handle it, and what did you learn from it. A tip from me to you.


did you take the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) please.


It’s not a test and I think you just need to be honest. You only have to rate what is most likely true about yourself. Don’t try to guess the best answers they want because you cannot hide it in the end anyway. Either the F2F interview or the AC will give you away. I suppose they may ask you about the experiences that prove that traits you claim. But from my experience, I actually couldn’t relate any specific question to what I answered in the OPQ & MQ and I don’t know how the outcome of the questionaire would describe me, either.


hey all

I had my telephonic today, the questions were generally on the same line as has been discussed on this thread - motivation for Heineken and some personal experience related conversations. All in all, a good interaction. Fingers crossed !! :slight_smile:


hey folks,
are these tests only when you have been shortlisted for the F2F ? or did I miss something ?


yep you only have to do these SHL questionaires before the F2F interview


Success you will pass on to the next stage. Mine had to do with motivation for Heineken and like 3 competency questions. What function did you apply too oceans12


Hey Guys, are the results for the F2F interview out complete? I am still waiting for their reply after the Telephonic interview which happened on 4th March.