Heineken International Graduate Program (IGP) 2014



Hi everyone,

Seems like past years’ forums where quite animated! Just thinking of starting a discussion with the 2014 pool of candidates :slight_smile:

I just passed the two rounds of online tests and received a notification saying I will be contacted by someone for the telephone interview.

Anyone in the same case?


Same here…


Same here! I am wondering how to prepare telephone interview. You guys have any ideas? My chosen function is HR.


I am applying in for the Commerce one.

Well I guess the most important is to know well the brand and to be clear in explaining why we apply?

Where are you guys from? I am French :slight_smile:


I come from China. I got a confirmation email from them today. My interview will be on 17 Mar. They mentioned the interview will focus on motivation and cultural fit. But last year they said they ask something about product.


Oh really you are Chinese? I am in Hong Kong now! 我会讲中文 :slight_smile:


i guess its going to be about the company, why we picked our departments and i guess why we should be considered for the job…and yeah i am from nigeria and i am for HR


Wow,cool! u study there?


Same! Do you confirm your time for interview?


I was studying and doing internships in shanghai and now I am doing an end-of-study internship in HK!

Yes my interview is on Monday I will tell you how it was :slight_smile:


Hi guys
I’ve got an email saying that the teleinterview will be before 21st… but i dont know the exact time. Has anyone passed the telephone interview? any tips?


Cool, good luck dude. By the way, what did we submit during the first stage which is online application form? I don’t remember that, did we submit CV or any competency questions? I want to refer that for preparation.


They will confirm with you the exact time soon. :slight_smile:


For sure we submitted a CV but I don’t remember any competency-based questions.


HI all!!
Glad to finally be able to find a thread dedicated to 2014…
I applied for the commerce stream and have received the mail for successfully completing the online assessment but no mails regarding the time and date !
How many days were there for you between the two mails ?
Cheers !
and Best of Luck !


Hi gauravmehta1,

I received the mail with the date the day after, they are pretty quick actually!


we submitted covering letter but no competency questions.


Hi guys,

I’ve been following this forum for a while now and I was wondering who has already had his telephone interview? What kind of questions did they ask? I applied for Commerce and I’ll have my interview on wednesday. Any tips are very much appreciated :). Good luck everyone!!!


Thank you Manon C!!
will send them a mail now regarding this.
how was your interview?? Please share the experience :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

Yes I had my interview yesterday. I don’t think they want us to give the questions exactly but I would tell it was a classical motivation interview. Most questions were about my interest in IGP, and some other topics about what I knew about Heineken. The interviewer was quite nice, and at no moment I felt it was getting tricky.

Good luck guys!