Heineken Asia Pacific Graduate Programme (APGP) 2016



HI everybody!

Let’s share our experience about the 2016 recruitment process.


have you done your video interview yet? will do mine today. just have not found a convenient time to do it yet :slight_smile:


Yup completed my video interview. Anyone know what’s next?


yeah strangely I found very little info about the selection process. the IGP gave out much more details.


Yes completed it. You should have completed it by now I guess. =)


Just out of curiosity, which area of specialization and which country are you applying to? Let’s keep each other updated!


Hey Aguy, what kind of questions did they ask in the interview?


Did you apply for the APGP? the deadline to do the video interview was 13 Apr.


Have u completed it?
Mainly on sharing your school experience, why heineken and behaviourial questions.


when I applied to the APGP on Linkedin, I thought there are all functions in any country you apply from. But later when I checked the http://www.heinekenapac.com/apply-now page, the function I applied to is actually not offered in my country. Not sure what to expect…


Anyway, I am from Singapore.

I am expecting another interview before an AC.


Anyone knows when will we know the result of assessment center?


Has the AC for the apgp already started? I am still waiting for result after the video interview.


Still waiting for the result as well…


I have a feeling that we may be able to hear back from them within this two weeks. Which country are you from?


singapore, you?


Yeah same here. Let’s update each other here. Good luck to both you and me. =)


All the best !


Happy weekend guys! Anyone received any update from Heineken?


No. Have you?