Heineken Asia Pacific Graduate program 2017



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Where exactly is this role located? Asia-Pacific is a big region!


I’m applying from NZ. But I know Australia currently has open applications too. Unsure if other countries in the Asia-Pacific have open applications.


hey how is your application going? :slight_smile:


Hi i applied for Malaysia Heineken APGP program 2nd batch, anyone got their video interview results yet?


What is the next step after the video interview?


Hi, I applied for Taiwan around the end of Dec, haven’t heard anything back, does that mean I’ve got no chance for this programme…


hey anyone got the news after the video interview?


Same nothing and kept hoping, but at the same time we’d better do something else, happy new year’s


It’s been more than a month, still haven’t heard from them. How about you guys?


emm…Since my video interview in late January I still haven’t heard back from them. I sent a email to see if they still want me and the reply said they aimed to get back to us by late Feb. But now is mid-March already. I guess (wishfully) it is a good sign because most company will send out rejection letter right away by method of elimination… emmmm…emm…


Hi there! I applied for the APGP in China and today I had a phone interview. I was told that the following stage would be an assessment centre held in Shanghai. Anyone else?


Hi, how’s the video interview? What kind of questions they ask? Thanks