Heineken Ability Test Online for International Graduate Programme



Hi everyone! Please does anyone know the format for Take Off, just got an email to complete it and any help and tips on how to prepare will be very much appreciated!


Hi Lucile, I also got an invite and I would really appreciate if you share the screenshots with me as well. Here is my email sophy215@yahoo.com
Thank you


Hi everyone, could someone help me with some tips for the Heineken online tests or share some of the screen shots, would be really appreciated! Pls send it to : blissful112233@gmail.com


Hi, I also got an e-mail invite for the Corporate Affairs IGP, any insights would be welcomed. i can be reached on kelirogbarachi@gmail.com. Thanks.


Hello everyone, my name is simone i got the invitation for the take off. If there is any group please add me +330629836082


Hi! I also got invited to the Supply Chain program. Could someone add me to the whatsapp group (+31614211231) or joriswaller@gmail.com



I have been invited for the human resource can you guys add me up to the group as well, sinafurkan@gmail.com (+41786137298). Thanks a lot!


Hi, got a mail for takeoff in the finance IGP. Can anybody help with the same? If there is any WhatsApp group, please add me or should I start one? My number is +91-9804511867


Hello everyone I am sharing the WhatsApp group link for the IGP please join in


Hi guys! I got an invite for the IGP - Corporate Affairs. Do you know from which company the Cognitive Ability Test is (in order to prepare)? Thank you in advance!


Hi, if there’s a group I ll like to join… Here’s my number 08133736830


Hello am Samuel Edet, I just got the mail for the online interview for finance please I need help on the test prep kindly add me to the group ±233547328078 , edetfresh@yahoo.com.Thank you.


From Mahikan, who responded this 23 Feb 2017. So there are logical, verbal and numerical test. 30 questions of verbal test in 19 min, and 18 questions of numerical test in 25 min. Seems like the test of SHL. Just guess.


Hello everyone, if there is a group I would alsolike to join +34666852611. Thank you very much


Received take off invite for sale and marketing…would welcome tips and suggestions…+2347080904982, samuelonoja06@gmail.com


my whatsapp number is 00584145625023 I am really nervious and would love to have more info about the test if you can add me to any whatsapp group or help me it would be great. My email is 10157913@mydbs.ie


Obomanu Soprinye
i received a take off invitation please add me +2349036672344


Please add my too, Bettrand +237675278222


Please add me … 08139480329… I got a mail for supply chain.please I will be delighted for any useful information. Thanks . awoyinfas@gmail.com


Hi! I also got invited to the Supply Chain program. Could someone add me to the whatsapp group ?(+393385486375) Thanks a lot!!