Heineken Ability Test Online for International Graduate Programme



Here is my email..oyetundeismail@gmail.com


Please, i got the invitation too. Can uou share it with me ? What’s app +2348050472690
Email: oyetundeismail@gmail.com


hii guys can anyone help me with supply chain questions and help me in questions. My email id- gauravmankotia.99@gmail.com. Whatsapp- +918988396294


I got the invite for supply chain IGP 2018… kindly add me up on Whatsapp 07061945246… Or mail sakintunde01@gmail.com


Hey, good morning. I just got an invite for the heineken take off experience tests: Supply Chain. Please can you add me? +2348104259093 or mail me meettunex@gmail.com appreciate it.


Hey! May you please email me Corporate Affairs questions and any information on myachivende@gmail.com


Hello. My name is Oyindamola Adeloye and I’d love if someone could help me out with the test prep. I got the email for finance. Thank you. My email is oyindaaadeloye@yahoo.com


I am. But I dont know about a group. Do you?


Hi Siddarth can you pls add me to the whatsapp group (+2347018867626) or share with me via mail (adaugonjere@yahoo.com) the materials you have .Thank you


Pls add me up on 07038213543 or Chisomugwu01@gmail.com thanks


Hi here, I just received a request for HEINEKEN IGP online tests about Marketing & sales. Could you add me please Whatsapp +22558183244 or email: modestetehoua@yahoo.fr


Please can I join in on this group, Whatsapp +64273428991and email is george.m.jenner@gmail.com


Hi! I would like to be included too please! I applied for the supply chain sector. My email is: Orjgustafsson@hotmail.com


can you pls share with me the informations you have. Thank you. akbabaderya203@gmail.com


Hello Mahikan,

Thanks for sharing your experience. If you did good in the rest of them you should be positive! If you could share the screenshots also with me i will be super thankfull.
My number is +34691463062



Hi, could you share your screenshots please, that would be so helpful!! :slight_smile: lucile.gautier01@gmail.com or +33688313506 thank you so much!


Hello guys, please add me up on 00393475784069 or matteo.dule@gmail.com


hello ben would you be so nice to send some screenshots to me too… thank you so much… email mmzzct@gmail.com


Hi! Could you please add me as well, I have no idea how to prepare for Take Off and I’m panicking a little . +447557904310


Hi, I also got an email for the supply chain one. If there is a WhatsApp group, please add me (+27742280374) or please send screenshots to denicajl@gmail.com. thanks