Heineken Ability Test Online for International Graduate Programme



this is +2348163629931


I am


Pls add me +447388324833. Thank you


please add me too +32473213139


Yeah me too. i got an invite for supply chain. Have any one of you taken the test?
How was it?


Hi could you please also add me to group convo? I have the IGP IT position : UK: +(44)7932403475


Please add me corporate affairs +2349024075399


I will be grateful if would you add me. 07032448654. Has anybody completed the tests successfully




Hi. I would like to join the group too. But I’m not able to find your contact on whatsapp. Can you add me? I’ve applied IGP for supply chain 2018. +353892481116
Or mail me at pradyothgowda10@gmail.com


Yeah me too. Mail me at pradyothgowda10@gmail.com


Please add me +2348111171024


Please add me up +2348111171014


Add me up man. +8162148166


Pls can you send the questions to my mail jonesomoladun@yahoo.com Thank you


add me up pls +447459112036


Hi guys! Can anyone please help me with corporate affairs IGP questions pleaseeeee. my email address is: fkhalilova.96@gmail.com


Hey; Good day. I got the invite for Information Technology. My Number is +2348063014884 and Email: gentleozy2@gmail.com. Please i need the test question please


Hi bro… I am Ben, and I just got invite too for HIGP ICT. Please can you kindly send me your screenshots to benmbanefo@yahoo.com?


Hey, good day. I also got an invite for the tests: Supply Chain. Please can you add me? +27716762749 appreciate it!