HBOS telephone interview (+job security)


Hi there everyone. Does anyone have any experience/information on the sort of questions they ask for the HBOS telephone interview (corporate banking)? I’ve seen on the forums that some people have had success on obtaining a position on this scheme. Also to anyone who has been recently offered a position at HBOS, did they inform you at all on your job security as a graduate trainee? Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I didn’t go to the assessment centre because of that very issue. Think hard if you get an offer from them. The questions I got:

  1. Why HBOS?
  2. Why Corporate Banking?
  3. Give me a time you had to help somebody
  4. Who are our main competitors?
  5. What do you know about HBOS?
  6. What do you know about Corporate Banking at HBOS?

They will make a big point of how they are ‘committed and dedicated to honouring ALL their graduate positions in 2009’.

But really noone knows what will happen, if they didn’t say that then that would damage confidence in the HBOS brand even further.

With Corporate Banking though you’re probably safer than other departments as there is less of an overlap with BOS & Lloyds, with Lloyds having a pitiful presence (especially Corporate wise) north of the border.

Again though, noone knows what will happen. If you get two offers, you should maybe consider going with the other one.


Saying they are ‘committed and dedicated to honouring ALL their graduate positions in 2009’ is actually rather worrying. Notably, they haven’t said they “will” honour all positions.


Thanks ppl for the advice.



I don’t know if you’ve already been through the process and had results. I went to the HBOS assessment centre and was shortly offered a position (Corporate Banking) before xmas. The contract has been signed etc and it looks promising. All of us who went to the AC were concerned about job security but they were fairly reassuring… I got an offer from HSBC as well but hated the whole work ethos that projected from an early stage so doubted very much that would like it. I don’t know whether choosing HBOS was me being stupid?


Hello, Can anyone give me any information with regards to an assessment day they have attended with HBOS for the 2009 graduate scheme. I have an assessment day with HBOS in 2 weeks time for the finance position. I have been told that there will be a grp ex, pres, interv, and critical thinking exercise. I have been to a few assessment days before, so I half know what to expect. However, I have never done a critical thinking exercise before, Any information that can be provided with regards to what activities/scenarios/role plays you had to conduct on the day would be greatly appreciated. Also info about interview questions would also be good.

From those of you who have been to the assessment day, how do you view the company? the recruitment process? the proffessionalism on the assessment day? They have already cancelled my assessment day twice before this latest one. I know that I cant rely on this even if i get an offer because of the trouble that the company is experiencing.

Thank you in advance.


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Thanks guys.


As posted in another thread:

My friend had an assessment centre for Insight Investment (Asset Management) a month ago and was told after 2 weeks that they are no longer recruiting anyone for that role.

I had a Finance AC about a month ago and got an email today saying that they are now reviewing this programme too.

I actually wonder if they’re taking anyone on at all - I hold out little to no hope for the Finance programme.

Anyone received anything different? Anyone actually have a job with HBOS for September already?


HBOS told me they weren’t taking anyone for the finance scheme this year- they said this back in February a couple of days before the telephone interview I was meant to be having, which was then cancelled. So good luck everyone who’s going for it, but I don’t think they’re recruiting anymore.


Hmmm, why did they run an AC that I was at on 24th Feb then?!

Strange, although if this is why I was unsuccessful then I’m more happy that just not being good enough!


Maybe it was too late for them to pull out, or maybe they just lied to me.


I was invited to an AC in Edinburgh in mid march, and they said that they were committed to the graduate intake for this year then.

I went along, did fairly well i thought, and was told i’d be told by the end of next week. 4 weeks later, i get an email saying they’re reviewing their intake.

If they weren’t gonna employ anyone, then why bother running an AC and paying everyone’s hotels/flights etc? Doesn’t seem to make any sense.


You had any luck getting through to the HR person to find out why?


My application was for Edinburgh as well, and they def said weren’t taking anyone. Makes no sense to mess people around like this. Apparently they did the same last year as well. People thought they had a job, then the scheme was cancelled. I think we’re all better off having nothing to do with them.


any1 else here attend the assessment centre in edinburgh on 24th feb. I no chris and I did?I still havent got feedback from them or been reimbursed my travel expenses. As mentioned earlier the whole recruitment process was chaotic and still is.