HBOS assessment centre?


Dont bother applying to HBOS. Their staff are rude, the recruitment process is disorganised and the assessment centre is unproffessional. By the end of the recruitment process, successful or not, you’ll be wishing you hadn’t applied and I’ll guarantee you’ll be looking elsewhere.


My friend had an assessment centre for Insight Investment (Asset Management) a month ago and was told after 2 weeks that they are no longer recruiting anyone for that role.

I had a Finance AC about a month ago and got an email today saying that they are now reviewing this programme too.

I actually wonder if they’re taking anyone on at all - I hold out little to no hope for the Finance programme.

Anyone received anything different? Anyone actually have a job with HBOS for September already?


Got a mail congratulating me for their HR in edinburgh and inviting me to an assessment centre( to be confirmed in 5 days…yeah right, whatever…)…This was dated 14 of jan 2009… This is 1st of may…I am still waiting for that assessment centre called a couple of times…Something about them being in touch and that none had been held yet…Dont know what to say asides…look elsewhere and stay away from HBOS…


anyone here attended an assessment day - i attended in february and still havent had my travel expenses reimbursed. any1 in the same boat?


you have got to call them…


I have called them several times and spoken to various people (including the 1 in charge of the recruitment process). She said she will chase it up (that was 7 weeks ago). There seems to be no urgency at all. They haven’t called me once, even after my numerous emails and phone calls. Its just pathetic.


I know!!! their incompetence knows no boundaries…Anyone who accepted their offer all the best with that…Maybe it might be safe to consider the money gone for now…They will pay you eventually even if it takes a year. Legaly they have to anyway since they said they would…there is just so much going on there that i am not suprised no ones answering…you either keep trying regularly till you become a household name or you say goodbye to it…personally I would pick the household name…


I just rang them once again - they are now telling me they cannot get in touch with the recruitment manager - and lie. Its been over 3 months. They also told me their contract with hbos is ending this month - so ill prob never get my money back - even though im legally obliged. I didnt even get feedback from the assessment centre. Im sure legally they have to provide feedback at the final stage of the recruitment process. #

They answer when I call, but they have NO asnwers to my queries. Just keep delaying procedures and hiding from the truth. They are definately not proactive.

whats ur situation with them d boi. u attend an assessment centre? which scheme? u got feedback?/ money back?


Well I was invited…On january 15th ( was told i could book one within 5 working days) then I got an email last week to say that the scheme had been cancelled for this year…Over 5 months after…( really classy company) I had a brother there who left them and still has friends he said that his friends from the graduate scheme are uncertain of their jobs and have not gotten anyword of new graduates…In other words probably no new graduates. A few have already been made redundant…They really are ina hole…But that being said…Did they give you the job? If not please speak with someone and this time sound serious…They really should sort it out…Ask for the next stage in complaint…Chances are that you havent spoken to someone who can take personal responsibility so you either bring FIRE or you try to get an alli whom you can call to get personal feedback (basically build rapport with the person you speak with)…

I wouldnt give up if i was you …and now i am glad they cancelled it…And to imagine it was their HR graduate scheme…So its obvious they have problems.