HBOS assessment centre?


I think this is in the right section?

I have applied to HBOS finance grad scheme, currently I am in my honours year of BA Accountancy.

I have made it past the telephone interview so basicly the assessment centre left.
Does anyone have any experience with HBOS?



Is this for an accountancy position, general training scheme, or something else?


Graduate finance scheme, they put you through ICAS or CIMA so accountancy basicly

I went to an IBM assessment day during the summer down in London (I’m in Scotland), it was quite daunting to say the least. I was unsuccessful at it because of one of the group tasks (I think)
I couldn’t for the life of me get my head around the problem because of nerves, which allowed one of the other guys to outshine me I think.

Just wondering if anyone knew the kind of things HBOS will do at an AC


It almost certainly wont be as high pressure as IBM. Are you interviewing in London or Scotland? What made you pick HBOS? …the promise of a public service salary? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure what I want to do really when I leave uni in terms of going for a job at an accounts firm or a bank, I thought the end result would be similar anyway?

The salary is 24k apparently, IBM was 25 in London, I’m interviewing in Edinburgh.


Have HBOS confirmed the date of your assessment centre?


Not yet, you in a similar situation?

BTW is HBOS a bad idea or something? kinda got that impression from your post above^ lol


I had a telephone interview for HBOS finance if that helps?

Basicly it was very scripted, the woman explained what she would be doing, how it would take max 25 mins etc

The Q’s were standard competency, tell us what you know about HBOS, why HBOS, tell us about a time you cooperated with someone in work (or lead a team I think it might have been)

Just standard competency q’s I was asked, check out the article on this site for help


It was meant to be today but I couldn’t make it, so hopefully I’ll be able to go to the next one if they don’t fill the spaces

Nope can’t remember anything like that, just how well you know HBOS, history, what they do, why them etc

Then basic competency ones, about 2 or 3

I basicly just researched the website, history, services offered, that sortof thing


I got an AC coming up in corporate banking in a few weeks. can anyone give me any tips on how to prepare for the presentation and group exercise and what sort of questions the interviewer will ask. its my first AC so kinda nervous!


Hi guys,

I had a HBOS assessment day last december in edinburgh for corporate banking and got an offer.

It is a very intense day full of assessments run by SHL.

As far as I can remember the day consisted of:

  • Numerical test (35 mins)
  • Verbal reasoning test (35 mins)
  • Problem solving exercise (20 mins i think)
  • Presentation (an hour or so to prepare and 10 mins to present with q&a after)
  • Group exercise
  • Competency interview (70 mins)

The numerical and verbal reasoning tests are like those on the SHL website so you can practice them there. I’d never done the problem solving exercise before the day. You had a certain set of cards and had to establish a pattern - it’s hard to explain but just be logical and you should be fine.

The presentation was about choosing between 3 options to take a company out on team building exercises - the aim here is to choose one option and justify it clearly, listing the reasons why you wouldnt choose other options. There is quite a bit of information so work quickly here.

The group exercise is based on a scenario, they are just looking for you to make a contribution so not really anything to worry about

The interview was entirely competency based and lasted 70 minutes! He just kept firing comptency questions at me so make sure you have plenty of examples ready. I wasnt asked anything about HBOS or the role in that interview.

Good luck with your assessment days!




Hi guys,

Got an AC coming up on 24th feb for the Finance scheme, will it be more or less like Hits123 described?



I’ve just started my application to HBOS, and am waiting for my results of my numerical reasoning test atm. Does anyone know what the welcome bonus is, any benefit packages? I see from above that the starting salary is £24k. Also the website is pretty unclear, do you have to move locations each year to a different placement or are you based in the place you applied for for the three years?

Chris, where is your assessment centre? I think if I get through, I’d prob be in the same one as you.

Hits123, are you Hitesh from BAE Systems?

Thanks guys:)


It’s in Edinburgh Rosie

No idea on bonuses etc but I wouldn’t expect one, especially doubtful in todays climate, I just want a salary! lol

I’d imagine you will be based where you applied, but that’s a question to ask at AC


Hello, Can anyone give me any information with regards to an assessment day they have attended with HBOS for the 2009 graduate scheme. I have an assessment day with HBOS in 2 weeks time for the finance position. I have been told that there will be a grp ex, pres, interv, and critical thinking exercise. I have been to a few assessment days before, so I half know what to expect. However, I have never done a critical thinking exercise before, Any information that can be provided with regards to what activities/scenarios/role plays you had to conduct on the day would be greatly appreciated. Also info about interview questions would also be good.

From those of you who have been to the assessment day, how do you view the company? the recruitment process? the proffessionalism on the assessment day? They have already cancelled my assessment day twice before this latest one. I know that I cant rely on this even if i get an offer because of the trouble that the company is experiencing.

Thank you in advance.


Hi all,

I am due to an AC for HBOS-General Management at the beginning of March. Can anyone tell me something more about the process and specially the Competency questions that they ask during the interview?

Thank you in advance


Does anybody have any information about the AC for a summer internship position?
Or will this be carried out along side those looking for full fledged graduate schemes?


Hey guys - I have an assessment centre coming up on the 17th March and was just wondering if anyone could let me know what the personal exercises include??

Thank you