Hazlems Fenton LLP ACA Graduate


Simple Process: Send CV and Cover Letter. Then if they like it your invited to an interview which is the last stage, so very simple. However despite this simple process the interview is such a let down. Firstly, when you arrive they give you simple numerical, logical and verbal tests to do in 15 mins. However, they give it to you on a piece of paper while you wait in reception. You have to do it on your lap and have to deal with the noise of people coming in and out of reception, also while the loud TV is on, which is absolutely ridiculous as you can’t concentrate. This left me with a bad impression straight away. After doing the test you do the interview, which is simple enough but the interviewer was not friendly at all. He seemed intimidating and got joy out of the fact that I couldn’t answer some of his questions. Although he knew I didn’t know the answer, he constantly probed and questioned which started to annoy me and was just going round in circles. The interview consists of questions about your CV and why you did this and that. Then questions about your accounting knowledge, so make sure you know what comprises a set of accounts. For example I was asked in detail about what is a income statement, balance sheet and cash flow and what it contains e.g. current assets and give examples such as cash. Then questions on what you know about the firm and what services it offers, and what is an audit and that’s it. However, I knew as soon as I met the interviewer it wasn’t for me. Didn’t like the atmosphere, the culture and the interviewer was very arrogant. Also the pay is extremely low, especially for London, and demonstrates how much they value their graduates. However if you decide to apply, I hope the above helps and good luck.