Hazell Carr numerical and logical test


Anyone did the tests for Hazell Carr actuarial trainee scheme? They said it will be a numerical and logical test, but no other details were given. If anyone took the test, I would much appreciate some details about the structure of the test, type of questions, etc.


I have this tomorrow - so any information would be great for me also.


I have it tomorrow as well. :))


I guess it will be paper based…but don’t really understand if by “logical” they mean diagrammatic or logical reasoning.


What time are you booked in? I have mine at 13:45.

I assumed it was numerical and verbal reasoning tests but it could be diagrammatic! How are are you from the test center? It’s a 4 hour train journey for me :frowning:


Mine is also at 13:45. For me is a long journey as well…I come from Sheffield, and I’m coming by coach (which was a really bad choice), but I’ll survive. Plus, I have never been to Reading. I e-mailed the recruitment person to ask more details about the test…and he answered it’s just a test that requires a logical mind. Anyway, I’m expecting a not so standard test


Do you have MSN? PM me your email address if so and perhaps we can have a chat later?


Hey guys, how did you end up finding it?
Was it just logical and numerical tests? Or an interview as well?


It was just a test where you had a set of 8 questions from different areas (Economics, Physics, Mathematics, English etc), each question was from a different area…and you had to pick only 4 from the set of eight and solve them in 1 hour., so you will be a bit under pressure. You have to provide a detailed solving of each question. Don’t worry about it…it’s not big deal. TBH, I was a bit disappointed about the organisation of the whole thing. You’ll see what I’m talking about. There will be no interview at this stage. If you are successful, you will go to the next stage which entails a presentation and an interview. Hope this helps… Good luck!!!


ah ok… thanks! That’s really helpful, its a bit weird though, because in the email I got it said I will be interviewed by Mr. X… etc. and at the same time it said it was an assessment centre? weird.

but thanks so much

good luck 2 u 2 =)


Akapadia it said that on my email too, but the guy who’s name was on the email wasn’t in the office when we went. It’s exactly as Irina says, 8 questions, just choose 4, but watch your time!! I spent 30 minutes on question 1 (well, 10 minutes reading all the questions then 20 minutes on Q1).

When we went there were 3 people who had just started in September and they were the only people we met, so we never met any actuaries as such but we still had the chance to ask questions at the end.



Thanks Gatecra5her! I have my assessment centre this Thursday, however I was expecting an interview with Mr. X judging by the email they sent me!

Is there any way I should prepare beforehand? I was expecting to go over my compatency questions, but it looks like there is no need at this stage!


Nope, no questions of that sort saln1. It’s literally just an hour test in a room on your own. You may not have the same questions as I did though…but the questions I gave should give you an indication of the type they ask.

My email said exactly the same as yours I imagine:

I am pleased to confirm your Interview appointment details, as follows:

For the position: Hazell Carr Actuarial Trainee, Reference number: XPAY341
Date: 04 Nov 2009
Start Time: 13:45
Approximate End Time: 15:15
Interviewer: Mr X
Location: Xafinity Reading - Kings Road

I never met Mr X (name removed in case he reads this and I eventually apply for a job there again!). There were just 3 graduate starters who’d been there a month - there was an actuary in the room for a few second but that was just to boot us out of the meeting room because he had it booked :slight_smile:

The graduates were very nice people, and they answered any questions we gave them well.

Good luck…let us know how it went :slight_smile:


So…how did it go? :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I have this assessment centre on friday. I was wondering if I could get a little more info about what level the test is pitched at? For example would knowledge of A-level physics be enough to answer the physics question?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


Hi Ritchie,

The physics one could be answered with A level physics yes, but more importantly you just need to think it through first - don’t go straight to the textbook answer in your head :slight_smile: You’ll be fine!


Hey guys, how did you do?
Any final interviews?
I’ve got one coming up soon - any pointers?


Did you guys wear a suit for the assessment day?? thanks


Yeah everyone there wore a suit when I went mate.