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Just wanted to know whether anyone has had a first round interview with Hay Group?

I have one next week, it includes a 45 minute competency based interview, numerical/verbal test and an “Microsoft Excel Test”

Can anyone please tell me what the “Microsoft Excel Test” entails? Plus what the numerical/verbal test will be (SHL/PSL etc)

Thank you for your time!





Hello in_it_2_win_it. How did this go?


Apologies for the late late late reply.

First round interview, 45 min of competency based questions such as Why Hay Group, Why Consulting, Why the Reward/Benefits Consulting Sector, Example of working in a team, Example of leading a team, Example of how you build and maintain relationships.

The Excel Test, was a spreadsheet activity. They give you 10 exercises within a spreadsheet which has a data table. Activities such as formatting the headings so they are in bold, calculating AVERAGE/MEDIAN/MODE, to something a lil more technical such as calculating IF formula and making pivot tables.

Second/Final Round, is just an interview with a Consultant and Senior Manager. More of a get to know you type feel, your knowledge of consultancy, what you think you’ll be doing on a day to day basis etc.