Hawkpoint AC - IBD - 8th April


Hawpoint is having their IBD AC on 8th April.

16 people are/will be invited… only 4 offers will be given out…

The first round interviews were run by Cornell Partnership.

This is just general information for people who applied there.


Hi, have an AC with Hawkpoint in June. Could you please send me more info on past AC organized by the company or send me any other information you may have, which could be helpful. Thanks a lot in advance.


is the AC for a Full-time graduate??


Yep. Analysts are being recruited for their new Frankfurt office. Any thoughts?


sorry mate, dont have much idea.

But, Hawkpoint is also having an AC for Summer Analysts sometime soon… that comprises of interviews, case-study+presentation and numerical tests…


Thanks dude! If someone wants to give some color, further comments are still welcome :slight_smile:



Wanted to ask how did it go? Did you get an offer? Will be probably attending on of these in July and wanted to know what the AC looked like in London.

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Hi there!
How soon did you get results after taking SHL online tests?
Wish you both good luck!!

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Hey guys,

has anyone had an AC at Hawkpoint and would be able to tell me more about the firm and the interview process? I would appreciate it!