Have I ruined my chances?

Finance and Accounting

Ok so basically I did well in my A lvls achieving AAB but in not the most respected courses (Accounting, ICT and business). However regardless I managed to get my way into a decent Uni (Nottingham Uni) on their Finance and Accounting course however due to peer pressure, mainly all we did was party all the time and player poker etc. So I only scraped few my first year with a 48% avg, without doing any revision and not turning upto 1 exam.

Maths was the blunt reason I didnt get a 2:1 as you cant blag that you gotta do the work so I’ve decided to switch to straight Management studies which includes financial modules but is more focused on theory that I excel at. Just as a note I’m not switching to get an easy ride mainly because its what I’m best at and I find most interesting.

I’ve purposely got my own flat this year and have time tabled everything so I can have both a social life whilst also doing well in my course (i hope) and I’m confident I’ll get at least a 2:1 by the end of the 1st semester. I realise that if I applied now to a big 4 internship theyd put my app str8 in the waste paper basket however is there a chance if I turn it around and get a 2:1 avg in my first semester and convince (beg) my tutor to predict me for a 2:1 that I maybe able to get onto any of the left over intern schemes? I’ve heard you have to put down your 1st semester mods and theres no option to put down your first semester of yr 2 mods so basically they’ll either judge me on my yr 1 avg or give me a chance to prove myself at an assessment centre i hope.

My backup plan is just doing a summer intern at a local firm and then applying directly to a big 4s grad scheme next year however if I could get any big 4 exp this yr i would jump at the chance.

I know I have only myself to blame for my first year however any advice or opinions on what I can do to increase my chances of getting into a big 4 for work exp would be much appreciated.



Not getting into the big 4 on a placement year is not the end of the world you can always apply when you graduate providing you get a 2:1. Why don’t you just apply anyway it can do no harm.


I agree, you may as well apply, if you don’t get anything, you can re-apply after 12 months (6 with PWC) so you really have nothing to lose. Go for it.


Hey, I messed up both my first year and second year for the same reasons, I just didn’t care all that much. I did maths at Manchester Uni, averaged 45 first year and 50 second year. But in my third year I worked really hard, got a high 2.1 and so managed to average at a low 2.1. When I saw on the PwC form that I had to put every single grade down, I was like ‘great this app is going straight in the bin’ but Im through to first interview (on thurs) so they seem to have given me a chance. Although I have applied after already achieving the 2.1 and I do have other achievements.

Hope that installs a bit of confidence.


Well done for getting an interview! Does anyone know whether PWC excuse a slight shortage of UCAS points? I have 280 and I see they require 300! I have a first degree in Business and Finance though! Grrr so annoying!


No promises but I’m sure they’ll look past your A-levels if you got a first. Just make sure you put a damn good answer to the app form questions